What makes a bad thing for eFootball 2022 (pt2)

Now is the most important and also the longest part, the core part of a football game. If you have ever played football on an artificial 5 court or a futsal court, you must have heard of molded/lead balls. Exactly, the ball in eFootball 2022 is exactly the same. The ball feels ‘heavy’, lacks bounce and the roll is short. Passing and shooting with this ball is extremely difficult because most need to keep strong or lose the ball. Especially for those who play with the keyboard, this year’s version is like the end. If you set the pass level at level > 2, you can’t put the ball at will, and at level 1, it will lack the freedom to deploy the ball.

In football, there are 3 main states: attack, defense and state transition (from attack to defense and from defense to attack). This patch does the defensive part but is very bad in the attack and status transition. So below I see divided into 3 parts according to 3 states so that you can clearly see the problem of gameplay. This section will have many pictures because it takes pictures to visualize the problem. The level of pass assist used is level 2. There will be numbering for easy identification.

The picture is taken by myself in 2 matches Viettel vs Pathum and Zenit vs MU. The reason I chose the above 2 pairs is because in the first pair, both teams have low stats at 6x range and are poorly composed, so it’s easy to reveal gameplay. As for the second pair, because the gap in player stats on both sides is quite large (~85 compared to 7x), it will be easy to reveal the index gap. I hold Viettel and Zenit, so the ‘friend’ here will be Pathum. and MU. The keys will be denoted in order of PS/Xbox hand keys (eg triangle/Y).

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1. Here is a phase of keeping the ball in the penalty area. The player holding the ball has 2 options: release back to the center line (right arrow) and poke in front of the 5m50 circle (left arrow).
I chose option 1, so I pressed the triangle / Y to release it back, the result was that the ball was released too far (following the diagonal arrow) so I fixed the player’s back (following the horizontal arrow). Such a basic release phase but still very difficult to do (if you press X / A to pass instead of poke, the ball will be stuck so it cannot be finished).
2. Now let’s come to a ball launch from the midfield. Players have 2 options to poke the slot (the ball will go to 1 of 2 circles depending on the force). I press triangle / Y again to poke (of course to correct the direction) but the ball rolls straight to your team’s position according to the arrow line (pass assist level is level 2):
3. This situation is a situation with the ability to finish. The defender of your team was stuck because he was too busy looking at the ball (down arrow), the goalkeeper of your team was also busy watching the player crossing (2 horizontal arrows) so he had a chance to finish with a very wide angle (arrow diagonal up). ).
But I don’t understand how “heavy foot” is, but even though the angle is very wide and the direction has been adjusted (no need to shoot too close to the post) but still gets shot to the edge of the net.

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4. In this situation, when poking the slot, there will normally be 2 destinations of the ball (2 circles). I pushed the horizontal LS to the left with the triangle / Y to poke up with a force of half a bar. But the machine ‘thought’ that I poked the slot down to the left (for the player who is raising his hand in the picture) so it poked the left, resulting in the area where your team’s player could cover and lose the ball.

If you pay close attention, you can also see that the position selection and running of the players above are also not good (or not good enough leading to misunderstandings so the ball is put in the wrong place?) but the core is still the problem. problems in passing, the ball was too heavy and the feet lacked sensitivity. There is almost no way to attack other than spamming slits or swinging headers.

I think the above is more than enough to describe the reason why eFootball 2022 is being sacrificed everywhere. Mobile graphics but requires terrible configuration, gaudy interface hurts the eyes, gameplay has too many errors. A potential tactical system in PES 2020 and 2021 is brought back to kick & rush and tacadada to death as well as end-of-court wrestling. The technical system with two very innovative LS and RS knobs in versions 20 and 21 has been removed. In the settings, the attack and defense keys are ‘synchronised’, meaning you switch the attack function, you can’t keep the old defense function. No freedom to pass, no freedom to adjust keys, but is advertised as creative football?

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