What makes a bad thing for eFootball 2022 (pt1)

eFootball 2022 (commonly known as PES) was officially released for free on Steam on September 30. Yes, ‘official release’ not beta or early access. Up to the time of writing this article, eFootball 2022 has received nearly 14,000 reviews, of which there are about 11500 negative reviews (Not Recommend) and 1200 positive reviews (Recommend), achieving a positive review rate of 11.69 % and broke Flatout 2’s previous record for lowest positive review rate.
The game is also sacrificed on all fronts, from domestic to international, from Steam to web games, from FIFA to PES, to football fan pages. They all see the game as a farce, taking pictures from the game and joking around.

So why does eFootball 2022 have this problem? This article will reflect a part of the reason why the game is ‘deadly’ everywhere.

eFootball 2022 has only been released for 2 days and KONAMI itself admits that this is just an Early access version and will fix the problems later (actually more like an excuse). BUT, improving the gameplay ‘bugs’ in this patch is almost impossible when the game has established a tight system. Full remediation will take at least another year.

The article also only focuses on gameplay and briefly through the graphics. Playing football games, the most important thing is gameplay, beautiful graphics but bad gameplay but outdated graphics but good gameplay (like PES 6, 13) will still have players until now.

Some tarpaulins
The ‘background’ elements are quite clearly shown in this game. Cut scenes of early game watering, players entering the tunnel, in the dressing room, etc. These cutscenes are interesting at first but we’ll mostly ignore them later on, so I’m just uploading a few ‘for free’ photos.

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eFootball 2022 is very poorly optimized, so even though the graphics look like the mobile version, I can only kick at medium, while the 21 is much heavier I can set high. FPS also often lags, not to mention the flashing and flashing errors are also encountered frequently. Errors also appear quite a lot in terms of players. Arms, legs and body have become a block but still not really complete, as in the image below the player’s hand is faulty along with the bottom of the screen being blurred. Through the image above, it can be seen that in addition to the very bad blur, the grass is not really good. KONAMI tried to make it real, but it couldn’t be more ‘fake’.

Now you understand why the game eats bricks, right? The following article will talk about gameplay

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