What is Game Console? 5 secrets you need to know about them

Have you ever wondered that many gamer players say words like: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, … That’s because they are referring to those game consoles. So do you know what game console is? When did their names come from? If you are a game enthusiast and do not know this, many people will be criticized “stupid”. So, spend 5 minutes of life to learn the article of Blog 1000bestgames offline.

What is game console?

Game console is the short abbreviation of the phrase video game console. This refers to the game being processed on an interactive computer and then outputting audio-visual signals displayed on TV, big screen.

The first game console devices were introduced in the 1960s and became popular from the 1970s onwards. Game consoles originally started out as computers with simple game interactions. To this day, the game console has developed and expanded many more features such as watching Youtube, movies, entertainment, …Which brand are famous game consoles nowadays? According to the current survey, consoles have many famous brands such as: Play Station of Sony, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android Game console, … However, excluding the extra entertainment features, the console has the main effect. is playing game. Each console vendor will have its own arsenal of games to compete and serve gamers.

5 secrets about game consoles you need to know

If you only know what the definition of a game console is, it is flawed because this only helps you to understand a part about ps4, xbox, … but even if you know that, you do not know which company they are made from. . So how do you decide to buy a machine? These 5 little secrets will give you a little more knowledge about this device.

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# 1 What was the first console to define what a game console was?

If currently the Xbox One console is made by Microsoft, the PlayStation is made by Sony, the Nintendo Switch is a Nintendo store. Although these three brands have been around for a long time, that doesn’t mean the first console was made by one of these three brands.

The first machine was made by Magnavox Odyssey, it was the first gaming console released in the US in 1972.

# 2 What is Home console? Do they differ from game consoles?

Home console is the second name of the game console when the second generation of game consoles came into being and started to be popular in the US and the world. The main customers of this series are households with someone who likes to play games.

# 3 Whether Gameboy is counted as a game console or just a HANDHELD

In fact, Gameboys are not classified as the world’s first handheld game, but they are only popular with the concept in the market. Judging from the defined factors, these are still game consoles since they also have an interactive computer board (built-in button) and output the image to the screen (built-in monitor). And the concept Handheld is just short for the word Handheld game console only.

# 4 Why are game consoles increasingly like computers in terms of configuration?

As mentioned above, game consoles are essentially computers optimized for better video games by gamer players. They often use a controller, not a mouse keyboard like PC games. In the past, because there were too many manufacturers supplying game machine components such as graphics chip, processor chip, ram, chip, so the configuration of each machine would be much different from the computer.

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However, later on, with high competition and strong hardware makers, most of the components in consoles are imported from famous brands such as AMD, IBM, Nvidia, … so you will see the machines The later game console has quite the same configuration as the PC.

# 5 Arcade – arcade game is the most popular console game on the market

Different from many people think when they think that game consoles like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch are the most popular brands, but in fact Arcade (Electronic Box), is what experienced the childhood of many of you and known to parents. While Sony’s Play Station brand is strong, Arcade is everything every gamer knows.


Hopefully, through the article Game console, 1000bestgames┬áhas provided you with the most useful knowledge from the line of extremely popular handheld game consoles today. From now on, whoever asks you what game console is, don’t be fooled anymore, wish you success.

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