Two-player Y8 game bringing fun moments among friends

The boom of the internet has also brought Vietnamese youth a series of game portals from many domestic and foreign publishers. With a huge arsenal of games like Y8 game two people, three people, racing, shooting … has attracted a lot of gamer players. However, not all game portals attract players. The strong growth of Y8 shows that the prestige and quality of this game portal far surpasses that of other competitors.

The first thing that gamer players can see is the investment in interface, graphics, sound. Super nice graphics, but the interface is simple and friendly. Anyone can play, even though not familiar with IT. Along with countless series of emerging games, trend games, Y8 games two players, three players, shooting, racing puzzles … For gamer players to choose.

Some outstanding two-player Y8 game


Roshambo is a fun turn-based game. Roshambo is a rock paper scissors game. We all know the rules of rock-paper-scissors, right. We have 1 player and 2 player games available. Choose 1 player if you want to play against the computer and if you want to play with your friends you can choose 2 players. Try to anticipate the moves of your friends or computer. Whoever reaches 3 points first wins the game. Prepare your strategy to defeat your opponents. Guess your opponent’s actions and trick them into making the wrong decision and deceive them. Try this classic game right now on Y8 and challenge your friends.

City Car Stunt

City Car Stunt continues with the 3rd game with improved physics. Also, City Car Stunt 3 is more fun with more realistic and dazzling cars! Try to complete 6 different routes in the game before time runs out! Each level opens up a new car and makes you even stronger for the upcoming levels! You must race against time to win the fastest car!

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Show off your skills in the newly designed giant “Free Drive” map. On this map, you can play games like darts, soccer and bowling with your car. You can only perform a few interesting stunts without the time constraints in free driving mode. Use the ramps to fly your car!

Tug of Heads

Tug – Start a colorful wrestling game with exciting 2D animations that can be played for 1 and 2 players. The player’s aim is to protect the characters’ heads from the danger of wrestling. The game has more than 50 exciting levels with self-designed objects.

Khan Kluay – Kids War

A two-player desktop or laptop game in which you send the animal to the other side. You must also stop the animals your opponent has sent towards you. Battles take place in this fun arcade style game.


If you only have one device to play the game on and two people want to play together, a two player game is the solution for you. Unlike multiplayer games where each player has their own device, 2 players here will share. This type of game creates a more chaotic battle as each player can see and react to the other’s movements. Let’s have fun with your friends.



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