Top 7 Offline Musical Games free for Android, iOS

As you all know, music is an indispensable part of our life. After stressful working hours, tiring studies, manual labor, everyone turned to music as a must-have spiritual food. Besides listening to music, offline music games are a favorite choice of many gamer players who love music. When playing games, besides relieving your spirit, you can also listen to good music made by yourself.

Do not let you wait long, here 1000bestgames would like to introduce to you the list of 10 offline music games free on mobile.

Cytus – good music game on android, iOS

The first name on this list we want to mention is the game Cytus. This is a very good music game that once dominated the world of gamers when it was first released. Cytus is a product from the manufacturer Rayark International, through the experience of many players, they evaluate that this is the game about offline music or worth playing on iOS and Android.

The game has a simple gameplay, but not so boring. On the contrary, they are extremely interesting and attract players to play from screen to screen. In addition to investing in sound so that it is vivid, the game image is also highly appreciated.

With a very diverse collection of songs, up to 200 songs on the system and 400 extremely attractive levels in 9 different levels, Cytus will never make players bored.

Download Cytus game on Adroid offline

Dynamix – game music hot or new on the phone

Although released quite late later, the game Dynamix has attracted the attention of the gaming community in its early days and has a large number of players who love this music game.

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Dynamix has an icon-style play above that falls, and the player’s primary action includes drag and drop. This is considered a unique way to play and create a unique attraction for Dynamix. The song store of the game is quite small, only about 20 songs, but you can completely buy more from the store to enhance the gaming experience. Hopefully in the future, the publisher will grant more songs to gamer players to save money to buy.

Dynamix has an impressive graphic style with an anime-style neon color. Although currently the number of songs in the store is not much, but with attractive gameplay, this is still a good music game for ios, android.

Download Dynamix Android game

Download Dynamix iOS game

Piano Magic Tiles – music game with many downloads

This is a good music mobile game that has appeared for a long time and has become the HOT trend on the Internet many years ago. Currently, although the number of players is not as much as before, Piano Magic Tiles is still in the top of PC and mobile music games worth playing.

Piano Magic Tiles was the first mobile game in which players needed to keep high concentration as well as practice reflexes to complete the increasingly big musical challenges in the game.

Specifically, the game will have keys like on the piano running on the screen with increasing speed and the player’s task is to touch these keys, do not let them slide to create a complete piano track.

Download Piano Magic Tiles android game

Download Piano Magic Tiles iOS game

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Beatx – super cute animal music game

This is a popular music game on both iOS and Android platforms. Perhaps most gamers who love the music game genre have known this game. This game has a style that is quite similar to many current music games, which are DDR-Style.

Beatx allows you to play in 1 person (single) or 2 people (double), especially 2 you can split screen to play on the same machine. This is the factor that helps them attract more downloads on mobile.

In addition, there is an indispensable factor that makes Beatx attractive is the very good and varied music store. Moreover, players can automatically load the songs they love. Too attractive is not it!

Download game Beatx android

Lanota – a musical game with a fairy tale

If you are bored with the music games in Vietnam, the game Lanota will bring you a completely new music game. This is the top choice for gamers who love music today.

Lanota promises to bring players a very interesting, new and fun experience. With the creations of the producer, I firmly believe that you will not find another game with a gameplay like Lanota.

They have an attractive storyline where gamers can import many different types of characters, go around the map to find and explore new lands. Besides the extremely different storyline compared to other music games, the gameplay experience is also completely different. Players will work around a large circle with symbols that move quickly around the screen.

Lanota has a total of 10 levels divided into 3 different easy difficulty levels with 16 songs and a book with the style of this game.

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Download Lanota android game

Download Lanota iOS game

O2Jam – super hot dance music game

Referring to O2Jam, you should know that this is a name that cannot fail to mention in the list of games about offline music or on the phone. At the start of the game, most gamers will review that this game is very difficult to play but after playing for a while, you will find that O2Jam is highly addictive.

The attraction in this game is that there is an extremely diverse and rich music store. Although the game style is not too new, it is still very attractive to gamers because of its simplicity, classic and highly entertaining.

Download game O2Jam iOS

Magic Twist – great dance music game for iOS, Android

You are looking for an entertaining music game, enjoy good music after stressful hours. If that is the case then you should immediately come to Magic Twist. This is a very good game about music and is currently loved. The game has the biggest advantage of bringing players the hottest new tracks on the market.

This game has both classic and modern styles. The player will control the ball from one square to another, followed by the music melodies and the color of the lights, extremely beautiful and interesting.

Download game Magic Twist android

Download game Magic Twist iOS


Above is a brief list of 7 best offline musical games for free on Android and iOS. Hopefully, through the sharing, you will find a suitable music game and have the most fun hours. Thank you for following the article of 1000bestgames offline.

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