Top 5 Best Online Car Racing Games on Smartphones 2020

Racing is one of the most-loved gaming genres. While playing, one can sense a feeling of thrill, adrenaline, and enjoyment. These games are not only fun but also help in reducing stress, increase concentration, and improve hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they are also responsible for enhancing our decision-making skills.

If you are looking for these games then take a look at some of the best online  car racing games on mobile phone 2020.

Unlike other normal racing games, these games give players the feeling of comfort and conquer the top races. Please join 1000bestgames to refer to some of the following games:

#1 Fast Racing 3D – A fiery racing game on smartphones

Fast Racing 3D gives players high-speed races, you have to practice the racer with outstanding skills to win the opponent.

Players will be able to quickly glide on the roads with beautiful 3D graphics. Get the ride on the bike to overtake your competitors with the gyroscope sensors.

Players can change the angle of rotation easily, players can see the panorama from outside or from inside the vehicle. Besides, you will enjoy the energy bonus function right on the track, try to collect items to defeat your opponent.

#2 Furious Racing Tribute – attractive 3racing game

It will be a mistake if you ignore this amazing online car racing game. Furious Racing Tribute will be the battlefield of car races, a place for gamer players to show off their racing techniques. The highest point is that you get to the top 1 in the race and receive a lot of money.

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Players will slowly conquer the race according to many different levels. Change and win after buying super super cars. Then gradually open up new more fierce races and enjoy the feeling of victory.
Beautiful graphics is the top special feature that makes the attraction of the game Furious Racing Tribute. You will participate in the climactic race in London, England. The game is currently suitable for play on tablets and most smartphones.

#3 Asphalt 8 Airborne – Top racing game on smartphones

If you like racing in fog, dust and many special terrains, come to the racing game for mobile Asphals 8 Airborne right away. The track is made real with the sound of the extreme cake drifting, making the player think that he is in a real race.

This is a game often used for gamer players to test the graphics of a newly purchased device. If you don’t want to lose, focus on every moment of the race.

#4 High Speed 3D

In this game, you will have the freedom to race with 9 other opponents with a different maximum speed. And the feeling will be raised to new heights when you experience more than 20 classic songs while playing High Speed ​​3D. During your journey, you can get bonus nitro after each successful drift.

According to many gamer players, Hight Speed ​​3D is one of the very playing games of the online mobile racing game genre.

#5Game The Real Car Exp

If you talk about the top of the racing game series, go to Game The Real Car Exp now. You will adventure on the wide and wide racing roads with 71 cars from many different manufacturers such as Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, Audi,… to say very well.

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Have you ever dreamed of driving those cult brands. If not, then entering The Real Car Exp will be a small thing. Through each race, players will experience 1 of 1,400 long races to receive many special gifts. In it, you will see many extremely valuable rewards are Knockout, Classic Race, Overtake, Duels, …

Each week, players will have the opportunity to join and carry a new motorcycle based on their achievements.


Through here, 1000bestgames has introduced to you Top 5 best online car  racing games on smartphone today. Hopefully with the game solutions we provide, you will have great racing hours on your track.

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