Top 3 games like 99% as League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that is very strong in the gaming community around the world. With top-notch graphics and impressive gameplay, they have become the inspiration for other MOBA game makers to follow. Especially the makers of games on the phone. In this article, let’s join the Hot Game Blog to find games like League of Legends shared shortly.

Onmyoji Arena – super game like League of Legends

Onmyoji Arena, also known with another name is Onmyouji. They are in one of the most LOL-like Chinese MOBA games known by many people. This product is considered a Chinese MOBA game like LOL and after being released, they quickly gained popularity in Asian countries. The game that exploits the context of IP Onmyoji is very famous and has a very similar gameplay to League of Legends.

If you are a lover of the MOBA game genre, this is really a game that has the potential to create a similar attraction to LoL on mobile. They are released by the manufacturer Netease. After a period of operation, they are appreciated for their ability to be popular in the Asian game market.

Although the gameplay is similar to LOL, the game has a diverse character system with different skills for each character that is very impressive. Similar to the LOL game, Onmyoji Arena also owns its own special moves and support spells to destroy the enemy fully.

With extremely sharp graphics in the game and the cast of characters is invested extremely meticulously. Onmyoji Arena will be the top suggestion for those who want to experience the MOBA game genre like League of Legends which is very HOT today.

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Currently this game has been fully available on the 2 largest mobile game stores, Android and iOS. Whenever you want to experience, you can go to 1 of these 2 stores to download and play quickly.

Vainglory – moba game like League of Legends with top notch graphics

One of the mobile games most similar to LOL today is Vainglory. In the MOBA gaming community, the game Vainglory is appreciated for its impressive graphics platform, which simulates almost exactly all the maps that appear in the game League of Legends. Currently this game has more than 5 million downloads on CH Play and is loved by many gamers.

The game has main roads that can go through the entire map. This will assist players with the ability to end the game faster. However, the game still emphasizes fighting and skills from the player.

The only special feature in this game is that gamer players will get many versatile physics equipment. No matter what school you follow like Gunner, Gladiator, Mage or a cold Assassin, you will have your own equipment. That gives the ability to move flexibly as well as helps players attack more effectively with familiar weapons.

The main goal when playing this game is to destroy multiple enemies and destroy towers on the opponent’s side. It sounds a lot like League of Legends game. During the journey of victory, players are faced with many different types of youkai. Players can experiment through the jungle as well as buy many support items instead of having to return to the Ancient Stone Platform like in the game LOL.

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Mobile League – one of the games like League of Legends on mobile most

If you have mentioned games like League of Legends, you can’t help but mention the Mobile League game. This is a very similar version and inherits all the advantages in the game LOL. You will see that from the graphics, the battle map, the character and the character’s style all have similarities with the LoL game.

Not only that, Mobile League is also equipped with 4 skills identical to the League. The graphics in the game are carefully made, making you feel numb when the character performs movements or skills. In the game supports spells such as: heal, speed or teleport easily.

In addition to the very good features compared to the PC version, the game has also been completely redesigned for more mobile compatibility. Specifically, instead of having to return to the Ancient Stone Platform like on the LHMT, you will now buy necessary items in the forest. In addition, the game offers players many antagonistic options such as 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5.


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