Top 12 horror games on iOS for gamer players in Halloween season

Every year at the end of October each year is the Halloween season, and if you do not know what to play on this occasion, are free or sit at home, please refer to the following 12 horror games on iOS for a great experience during the day This ceremony.

Year Walk – good horror game on iOS

Year Walk is an adventure horror game developed by Swiss game maker Simogo for iOS-based devices in 2013.

This horror game is based on an ancient Swedish tradition “Årsgång”. In the game, players will transform into gods and have to answer puzzles in the game to know what will happen in the future.

The gods will enter a forest full of mystery, cold, murky atmosphere and you have to solve each puzzle to continue the journey.

With beautiful graphics and many curious effects for gamer players, Year Walk deserves to be a horror game you should experience in this meaningful Halloween season.

Lost Within

This 3D mobile horror game is set in the context of players running away from a quest in a ruined mad hospital. Game Lost Within promises to bring gamer players the most dramatic and horror moments ever.

Players will take on the role of a police officer and investigate the mysteries that happen in this place, turn over the unsolved secrets and escape from bloodthirsty monsters, assassins in the hospital. You can choose to fight back or run fast to get out (this choice is up to the player).

This game is made according to extremely realistic graphics, so the game experience will be extremely good. Guaranteed to bring unforgettable moments for gamers in this Halloween occasion.


At the beginning of the game, you will find that the space here is very dark and many spooky eyes are painted on the wall. So where did the pictures here come from? What do they mean? Explore the house, collect items to help solve the mystery in the game.

During your exploration of the dark night, you will see extremely scary creatures when they have no body or limbs, only head and jagged teeth floating in the air and looking towards you. This scary shape will loom everywhere in the house and will hunt you down every time they see it.

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Every time this extremely scary ghost appears, a message will appear on the screen so you can get rid of it, you only have a short time to get rid of this creepy thing. During this time, your heart rate will definitely increase every time the message pops up.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

This game is favored by the manufacturer when it is made with 5 different versions and each game has a price of $ 2.99.

In the first part, players will get to experience the context of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You will be playing the role of a guard at this shop and keep this restaurant at night.

During the day, this can be a paradise for children to play and mess, but when night falls, for the guard can be a long nightmare. The beasts or dolls will begin to attack.

The player must carefully monitor security cameras and lights in order to use automatic doors in time and necessary. You must also pay attention to the remaining battery because in the following days, the toys here will become more and more crazy and drain the battery more.

The uniqueness as well as the attraction in this game is that they give players the element of surprise mixed with many elements of horror and mystery. You will get the full Jumpscare if you neglect defense or control your energy source. The creepy atmosphere, dark night and dangers lurking around will test your fear at night.


If you are looking for a horror game on iOS with a very different style, come to Home game now. The graphics in this game are made by pixel graphics, so it will be less creepy as well as bring many fancy elements.

According to the instructions in the game, players will in turn face the challenges arranged by the game and deal with them. The deeper you go into the game screen, the more you will discover and answer what’s in the game.


Vanished is a very strange 2D graphics horror game that does not make its graphics like other games but instead make audio games. That means you won’t rely on visuals to solve game problems but on sound.

The producer has coined the slogan of the game as “the strongest fear is fear of the unknown” (the biggest fear comes from the fear of the unknown), with new experiences and players have to train for. I instead focus on the screen like other games. For sure the Vanished experience will give you a unique feeling like never before.

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This game is especially interesting and haunting if you play alone in the dark.

Dark Meadow

This game will bring you a feeling of surprise when you first entered the game and you were in a hospital but do not know the reason why you were there.

When you are still not fully recovered, a man comes and warns you about the monsters of a witch will appear, they are wandering in the hallway and can attack you at any time. To escape this hell, you have to discover what’s going on in the hospital, the mysteries that need to be solved and the witch destroys it.

Game with good plot content and gameplay here is attractive, worthy of an online horror game ios in this halloween season should not be missed. Download this game now and discover its interesting story.

Murder Room

This is a horror role-playing game genre. Recent horror games are based on the storyline that have to solve all the puzzles to escape the room. And the Murder Room is developed under this genre.

In the game, you will find yourself waking up and lying in an extremely strange room. You will find a way out by solving puzzles and finding suggested items in the game. You must think and decide wisely to navigate your character’s next destiny.

In this horror game on iOS 2020, there are many violent scenes that can affect the psychology of some gamer players, so please consider carefully before downloading and experiencing.

Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories will take you on the journey of an investigator named Rose Hawkins, who will perform a mission to find the missing girl Eden. In the game, you will play the role of a female investigator in conquering a journey against ghosts to rescue her.
And of course against them not only using your bare hands, you will be equipped with a shotgun and a flashlight to do it. This creates an attraction for this horror game ios 2019.

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Players will feel very scared when the graphics of the game are beautifully beautified. Surprisingly because a flashlight suddenly shone on a monster, a dark space had mysterious things waiting. All create the mobile horror game Forgotten Memories attracts gamer players.

The School: White Day

The good horror game on iOS The School: White Day takes players into completely different spaces with the main character with bare hands, with no weapons or other special abilities to protect himself.
In this game, you will not fight dangers but only escape and solve puzzles to find your way forward. The scene in the game is made by the producer. In addition, there is a school guard who will patrol the place and chase the students who appear during this hour.

If you love horror puzzle games, The School: White day is worth the experience.


The Distraint game belongs to the psychological horror game series, the game not only brings the element of fear but also brings many different psychological developments. The breakdown when witnessing crime scenes caused by myself.
In the game, you will play the role of a debt collector named Price. He suffers from multiple personalities, and adventures in the game will help him find his true personality. With the classic 2D graphic design, darkened tones increase the appeal and excitement of this game.

Slender Rising

Slender Rising is based on a story whose character Slender Man is familiar with movie enthusiasts, especially the horror field.

Slender Man is a guy who usually wears a black, gray suit, a red tie and has a tall stature. But without clear eyes, mouth, and face (quite similar to the suspects in the conan series). The atmosphere in the game is quite dark and the sound is made according to the horror nature that can make you feel cold.
The player’s task in this game is to escape but where I got lost by following mysterious and sometimes confusing instructions. While tinkering, Slender Man may appear to create an element of surprise for you.


Above are 12 horror games on ios that will challenge you in this halloween color. Hope you will find your favorite game and have fun after many hours of challenging me.

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