Top 10 attractive cowboy shooter games on PC, Android, iOS

Many gamer players love Red Dead Redemption 2, but this cowboy shooter has only just appeared on consoles. But do not be sad, the following 10 cowboy shooting games will be a fire fighting solution for “less addicted”.

In the article we will divide the western cowboy game types by device as PC and mobile. First, we will introduce the series of games on the PC with the download link.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a cowboy shooter whose content is completely opposite to Red Dead Redemption 2. If the game RDR2 tries to bring gamers the most realistic storyline possible, CoJG threw the truth. out the window. When playing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, you will have the ability to dodge bullets like in the movie The Flash of DC.

The content of the game is told through the lines of the main character Greaves, this game is quite humorous and not serious. Producer Techland has told everything that happened before with this cowboy. Although it is a cowboy game, but with too dense opponents, you feel like you are in the Normandy Battle of World War II instead of the windy west of America. In addition to the interesting gameplay, this is the game with the best duel gun battle at the moment.

Link download game Call of Juarez: Gunslinger:

GUN: The cowboy gun game

GUN download link:

This is an open world shooter game that has been released for a long time (2005), but so far no one has denied the excellence of this game. Of course, this game cannot have excellent graphics because they were available in the PS2 era. But with the player’s outstanding imagination, you will be involved in the American west with Colton White looking and destroying those who have destroyed your family.

The background of the game is taken in the 1880s, a time after the American Civil War and the war between Europeans and native Indians. So from storyline to gameplay will be much more serious than Gunslinger.

In Gun, you can choose your own fighting style. A gunman for righteousness, ready to protect the good people, is being stalked by the evil crowd. Your opponents are all kinds of people in this world: indigenous tribes, corrupted law-rulers, scoundrels. In order to survive, you must be familiar with the fighting style of ancient “weapons” that are extremely effective.

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In addition to following the storyline, you have to complete a series of tasks such as hunting animals, playing Poker, cowherd, hunting bounty … In the game there are many elements that are later included in RDR and RDR2. So if you are looking forward to playing a game like that, give GUN a try.

Playing the Desperados cowboy game

Desperados download link:

While the 2 games we mentioned above are 2 pure cowboy shooting games, Desperados is more tactical. Launched at a time when Commandos is storming, Desperados can be seen as the Commandos version of the Far West.

Although released for a long time, the game is constantly updating to run well on the latest PCs. Therefore, 1000bestgames gives it on this list.

Coming to Desperados, you will help a group of John Cooper bounty hunters find gangs carrying out train robberies in Mexico. If the mission is successful, John and 5 of his teammates will receive a bonus of $ 15,000 to play freely, but if they fail, this group can trade with their lives.

To perform this task is not easy, John must cross half of the southwestern United States and uncover the mystery behind this robbery.

The gameplay of this game is quite simple but to overcome all the challenges is not easy. The game forces you to use your mind to fight the overwhelming enemy. And if you think that this is a defensive cowboy game, it’s not wrong because you have to do everything from “next beauty” to setting traps, stalking to destroy the enemy. This challenge brings an indescribable sense of pride when players pass a match. This is what makes the game so interesting over time.

Westerado: Double Barreled – western cowboy game for PC

Westerado: Double Barreled download link:

This is a cowboy shooting game made in 2D pixel-style graphics but very attractive. Once again the familiar storyline is repeated as the main character will carry a gun on his shoulder and go avenge his family. But the gameplay of the game is much more free than the three games mentioned above.

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You can verbally persuade others to follow you or make threats and send off those you don’t like to sleep in the underworld at any time. And yet, the content of the game still has many mysteries for gamer players to discover.

This game has a special feature in the character’s HP bar. Instead of displaying the HP bar, this stat will be displayed on the character’s hat. The player can wear multiple hats and will lose the hat when hit by an attacker. If you run out of hats, you will probably go back to “Tay Thien” with your family. The game punishes the player quite heavily when having to return to the first screen when the game is over. So, for each shot you shoot, you have to aim carefully and weigh it.

West of Loathing

Link download game:

If you do not like the PC shooting cowboy game above, you can check out West of Loathing. In addition to attracting gamers thanks to the hand-made graphics, the humor is what gamers remember.

The game takes place in a remote land where there are all kinds of people including righteous people, bandits and bogus gather. Players can flexibly change between different classes of characters such as: Punching (melee), Tung Dau (long shot) and Lubricating Snake (making medicine) to play better game.

New to the game, many people will easily guess the gameplay based on the character class. West of Loathing is more inclined to turn-based RPG gameplay, but things are not as simple as it seems. To solve a problem, there are many solutions and all are reasonable. Similarly, to win, you also have countless different ways to deal with it.

The game was made with top-notch 2D black and white graphics “back then” and to play this super game, you must have the “strongest PC 15 years ago”.

The only minus point of this game is that if you are not fluent in English, it will be difficult to enjoy. In the game, you will encounter a lot of jokes or a part of the joke appear. Although it is back to the language, West of Loathing is still a name worth enjoying because of what Asymetric has built.

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Six-Guns: Gang Showdown – Very good cowboy shooting game
This mobile cowboy game is set from a far-away region of cowboys, bandits and unnatural enemies. The game offers a variety of weapons and ammunition for you to fight these thugs. The game follows the 3rd perspective so you can focus more on watching.

Gunfight cowboy game: Westland Survival

When entering the game Westland Survival, you will face the wildest guys in the wild west, who like to make their own rules. Your mission is to build your own farm, fight gang gangs with rifles or rifles.

In addition to shooting, you also do a series of other actions such as cutting wood, mining, hunting deer, crafting new items, raising your horses to make ends meet.

West Gunfighter

Welcome to the American wild and lonely west. Where you meet many lonely, tasteless cowboys. The game gives you a pistol and you can destroy anyone you like. You will become a notorious gunman with the gangsters here when you rescue many people and protect the righteousness. Success or failure is only in the moment you want to pull the trigger or not.

Cowboy Hunting: Gun Shooter

Cowboy Hunting: Gun Shooter challenges you with a variety of shooting missions. You must complete different types of missions in order to survive. Besides the familiar shooting style, this game also has many mini games for gamers to relax more: darts, poker, shooting, double-hand fighting and horse racing.


Through the article, 1000bestgames introduced to you 10 good cowboy shooting games on PC and mobile. You can use it while you wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 to launch on PS4 or wait for Rockstar to make the mobile version. All are very attractive and enough to attract you to the poetic Wild West.

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