“The border line” Version 1.2 – A Good Points and musical

The game architecture of “The border line” may only surprise us to a certain extent, but in this article we will talk about the artistic element that is also incorporated by the game maker when dividing the environment in the game into tone/tone color arrays. The white walls, red pipes and blue sky are the iconic things of this game that when mentioned, players will know which game it is. Let’s find out more deeply with apksunny.com.

Mirror’s Edge has so far looked very modern because of its clean lines and bold colors. Sometimes you stop, screen-shot any scene in Mirror’s Edge and no matter what environment in the game, it will become a picture full of art, this is also the key factor that makes the game outside. The action element also has an artistic element.
In terms of gameplay as well as rolling, the game chooses a first-person perspective perhaps the intention of the game maker to want people to be immersed in the character to make the parkour experience more realistic. Often games with parkour elements are made in a third-person perspective, because it makes it easier for the player to observe in choosing the time and location to jump. But Mirror’s Edge chose the first-person perspective for this unique experience. Of course the effects and accompanying dynamics are not beautiful and sharp, however, any jump, even short, will give you a very thrilling feeling.
What the player needs to master is the skill of running, jumping, sliding and observing, because just a little loophole will make the game load screen appear again. There are many factors that will cause you to lose your life in the game, but it is usually due to falling from above or being hit by an enemy with a few bullet holes in your body. There are some levels where I have to die about a dozen lives to absorb. But that doesn’t take away the determination but even urges you to play again, why? Because it’s so attractive, is it possible to climb the high floors of the building, jump over the obstacles, slide over the bars, cling to the water pipes, swing the rope, … or simply stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the garden? Just the game, that much is enough to feel numb.
Music is also what contributes to the completeness of the game. Created by Swedish musician Magnus Birgersson, aka Solar Field, the game uses a combination of slow, deep electronic music, sometimes intense, with each jump that makes your adrenaline rush. skyrocketed, it was a really great experience!

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After experiencing the game, I surfed Google to find out what people say about this game, and surprisingly, there are praises and criticisms, accordingly it still receives a lot of pretty negative reviews. Among them are the relatively short play time, too many moments when having to repeat frustrating deaths that slow down the game’s tempo, and even the combat is really unsatisfactory.

What I feel in agreement is the combat element of the game, the game does not provide the player with a gun, but instead has to take it from the enemy, to do that, the player has to wait until his gun If the enemy shows red, then right-click to grab it, if you don’t click at the right time, the enemy will finish you in one note and the probability of hitting is very low, so the game has an extra mechanism to Helping the player is the ability to slow down the time when pressing the R button which makes it easier to time it, but this is not much better because sometimes it still misses as usual, and this affects the circuit. the game, try to imagine running and jumping around, meeting a few random guys and forcing me to take his gun, but I missed it and loaded the game, which was quite disappointing. This is something that I am not very satisfied with because it is quite difficult for players.
However, perhaps I am one of the few people who find those factors insignificant, because the game has already fulfilled its role of giving players a pure parkour experience, although the game There are some shooting sequences but that’s just a side element of the game, because Mirror’s Edge is a parkour game and it does its job well. It may not please some, but there is no denying that this is a quality game that will stand the test of time.

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Conclusion: In this raging covid season, it is impossible to run and jump on the street, so if you want to run and jump in the virtual world and immerse yourself in beautiful scenes with artistic colors To satisfy the eye and have the hand, why not go to Mirror’s Edge. Recommend, play!

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