Reviews on MudRunner Mobile – Tarnish the waters

There has never been as much traction in a mobile game as MudRunner Mobile at the moment. It’s not a Gacha RPG in which you pay extortion money to (can) unlock a new truck. There, there are no power systems, collectibles, gems, coins, or any other bad thing. This is MudRunner. On mobile. And it is really as simple as that. Are you curious? With 1000bestgames understand better!

MudRunner Mobile impresses with graphic design

Put it side by side with the original on the console or PC, and it is clear Saber Interactive has made a series of concessions to squeeze the experience onto the small screen. The drawing distance is greatly reduced, with a fog effect resulting in Silent Hill-esque surroundings. Textured details on the board have also impressed, with water, mud streaks and the vehicles themselves seeing the biggest changes.

All impressive physics are back, with your tires squeezing through the mud and water spraying out of your path like before. The handling of the car is identical, too, with similarly familiar control options. You can use winch, other lock, all wheels, brake and change gears manually.

MudRunner Mobile is considered “difficult to control”.

The touch controls make MudRunner a lot harder to play than its console and PC brethren. We took the last turn when we played, use our thumbs to drive, reverse and change directions, and our fingers to adjust controls and cameras. It’s not entirely annoying, but it’s no more comfortable than playing with a controller.

It’s quite embarrassing to say, and quite confusing, that there are no options for playing with the controller. Both iOS and Android let you play games with a PS4 or Xbox One controller, and being able to do that with MudRunner Mobile should greatly reduce our problems.

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However, this is a complete release of the impressive feature and MudRunner that you can play anywhere on your phone. Has a tutorial, guides you through, quests, provides quick challenges, complements the tutorial, allows you to try out the basics while completing some of the basics and free games let you make fun of your own.

You can “improve” your vehicle in MudRunner Mobile

Visit the store from the main menu and you can purchase the DLC Valley Valley, which introduces three new vehicles and a brand new map for just $ 2.99 / £ 2.99. Add to that 15 maps from the base game, as well as 16 different vehicles, and there’s an impressive amount of content displayed here.

Chances are you’ve played MudRunner if you’re reading this review, so you know what you’re doing. For settlers, this is a physics-based sandbox emulator that challenges you to deliver a wide variety of goods across a wide range of large maps, unlock new vehicles and parts, and reset your material on your path.

On the challenge side, that comes from swinging your heavy-duty truck across muddy terrain. MudRunner Mobile uses realistic physics to determine how your various trucks will perform in different situations, and it’s up to you to figure out how to fix them. You have many tools at your disposal, like all drives, winches, other locks, and more.

Overall, we were very impressed with MudRunner Mobile. While we do have some back image reservations and lack of controller support, the fact this is the fully featured version of MudRunner on mobile would be welcome. There’s a lot of content on offer here, and it works well enough to keep you on the long term.

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