Review Royal Crown: A Battle Royale battle

Royal Crown is a battle royale game – a genre that involves short, sharp explosions of action gameplay.

But it’s also an action RPG – a genre that involves action on its own, but also campaign-length gameplay sessions in which you have to gradually build your character through. looting and upgrades.

You thought the two styles of game play would not be compatible, but developer Line Games somehow made it work. Let 1000bestgames learn more about this game.

Royal Crown proves that ‘simple is success’

The key success of Royal Crown is simplicity. For example, while the generals you can collect fit all common classes – warrior, mage, healer, tank, etc. – and has a completely typical array of attributes and skills, only 15 people in the entire game.

You can also upgrade them – although you can equip them with new skins, hats and facial accessories like glasses and beards. That means you won’t take the time to summon a vast army of heroes and level them up. You have received your 15 characters, and that’s it.

The gameplay of the Royal Crown is all on the battlefield, and it takes place in the usual battle royale style. You start in a steam balloon that cruise at an altitude over an island. It’s clear from above that the island is carved into separate zones, like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

When you’re ready, you jump out and parachute to your chosen drop point. And then you start plundering.

You can cut trees for wood, harvest papyrus and wheat, pick mushrooms, exploit bright blue rocks called mana stones, and of course steal chests. They can be found in buildings, or scattered around villages and open spaces.

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Fast and consistent with Royal Crown’s streamlined approach, you can pick up everything from chests, or drop enemies, or drop items, with just one tap, and the game will automatically equip the gear. take your better and despise rest. There was no time to compare equipment stats in the heat of battle.

The interesting thing about Royal Crown is not just combat

During the first few minutes of a round, no battle is required. Most players focus on gathering gear and leveling up for themselves and their extremely important skills in the early stages, and it’s not unusual for two opponents to wander past each other, keeping for dry powder.

In all fairness, there is no harm in throwing down if you are confident that you have overtaken your opponent. There are monsters to fight too, but many of them are too hard to fight until you level up.

The uphill battle ensued in a round, when the miniature map brought everyone into a small area of ​​blood soaked in the territory. Combat is pretty straightforward, with one basic attack, four skills, and a handful of potions and attacks crafted to deploy when you choose to engage with enemies.

Royal Crown differs from other battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG not only with a top-down perspective and general terminology, but also with a unique crafting system.

You can use the materials that you loot to craft things like runes, accessories, attribute cards, all of which offer various types of buffs. Plus, you can upgrade these, making them even more powerful.

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You can also craft medicines and meals, magnifying the effects of any food items you scavenge by combining them in pies and soups.

While Royal Crown’s crafting system isn’t as complicated and relevant as it would be in a regular action RPG, it completely enriches the gameplay in the battle royale game.

Of course, you can choose to largely skip the crafting if you want to keep things comfortable, limit your participation to open your crafting menu regularly and blindly craft whatever. what’s available.

But over time, you’ll definitely go deeper as you find out which approach you like, and there’s an entire ocean of indicators and combinations to plunge into if that’s your pocket.

And as you go deeper, you’ll also find out which parts of the map bring the best materials for the method you’ve chosen, and which champions are best suited to you. Also which mode suits you best – you can play alone or in a team of three, combine champions to form the best team possible, MOBA style and heal each other on the field at special healing points, located in the villages.

Royal Crown wins the thrill of Fortnite purists, and won’t scratch any serious action itch, but this casual and polite mash-up is a good introduction to both. two genres, and an interesting game in its own right. Take a look at Google Play (and App Store).

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