The experiences shared by the one who suffered from depression (part 1)

Some people can’t seem to find peace  Part 1: What inspired me to tell my story? A few months ago, a woman logged in my inbox and confided that after… Read more

References Documents

1. “Cancer (Fact sheet N ° 297)”. World Health Organization. February 2009. Accessed May 11, 2009.2. “Tumors of the GI Tract, Merck Manual (Professional)”. Merck. Visited June 6, 2009.3. “Proceedings… Read more

Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part 1)

There is lot of imaginations of adult autism. Actually, it is really difficult to describe an adult autistic, just as it is difficult to classify the disease itself. Charles is… Read more

Toxicity of components commonly found in foundation

To put it correctly, I am not the one who always fears about toxic ingredients in cosmetics, said so, nor is any widespread use, what socks to use it. Because… Read more

How to early diagnose and detect for stomach cancer

Most of the people diagnosed with cancer are generally at a late stage of the disease, so the survival time is short. For stomach cancer as well. However, if early… Read more

Signs of psychological crisis in middle age

Signs of mid-life crisis For most middle-aged men, it is the happiest, most comfortable time with stability both in terms of career, economics and family life. However, for many people,… Read more

Some of misunderstanding about stress…

Understand stress to control it Many types of stress management are harmful to health or it aggravates the problem. That usually arises from misunderstandings about stress. Recognizing that the wrong… Read more

Causes of Autism (part 2)

Causes of autism: complications during pregnancy and the perinatal period For phenomena that may promote autism, various complications of pregnancy and childbirth are also recognized. Potential causes of autism can… Read more

How much money we spend on cosmetics is enough? (Main part)

This is the beginning of a short post for slightly longer, today I want to write a statistics article see real needs of our sisters in a year need what,… Read more

Why are we never happy and peaceful? (P1)

Everyone wishes to have a happy and peaceful life but we rarely have this feeling. Why is that? Happiness or sadness is created by you. If you have a habit… Read more
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