Confident women are more capable to find happiness in love and marriage

Being beautiful, docile, well-educated and born into a good family is almost absolute standards for a girl to have a perfect love and marriage opportunity.  However that era was long… Read more

Supernatural ability of human

Supernatural ability Imagine that you have the ability to hear the music with your eyes or hear and taste the colors. According to the scientists, this is the accompanying feeling… Read more

Where is the control and portfolio structure of the BBS?

BBs’ money is actually money raised from individual investors through funds and investment trusts. Because investing in securities with other people’s money and on a large scale, BBs need to… Read more

Age-based psychological crises over life stages

Since birth and growing up with many ups and downs, people are facing worries daily… There are very important periods of times that come along with changes in thought, perception… Read more

The most terrible fears haunt the human mind

Today will collect the most common phobia discovered by scientists. 1. Fear of height (Acrophobia) If you have fear of standing on top of a roof or looking up… Read more


AUTISM – DIAGNOSTICS Autism diagnosis focuses on the child’s behaviors and development. Diagnosis of autism is divided into two stages: 1. Child development: A specialist performs a short test aimed… Read more

Youth with many things wasted

There are people who have gone through a period of youth and suddenly realize that they have wasted so many things. Health: When you are young, you often do not… Read more

MMS and its opportunities in financial markets

Stocks are an investment opportunity and generate profits for a lot of people. This is a very popular type of investment today. In the stock market, there are a lot… Read more

Some notes when testing Hp bacteria by UBT breath test

Many patients feel anxious when it comes to testing for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori or Hp), a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, stomach cancer. For many patients, screening… Read more

Chickpeas & Pumpkin porridge recipes

This porridge is an elegant, gentle, sweet-smelling color of the young pumpkin cooked with its skin. Nut porridge that served with figs soaked in vinegar or radish soaked tamari. Mushroom… Read more
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