Mizzurna Falls – A Masterpiece of Adventure Game

Before enjoying Mizzurna Falls, it is strongly recommended that readers check out all that David Lynch has ever made, at least starting from Blue Velvet to Twin Peak. I’m serious, and if you’ve played SWERRY’s Deadly Premonition, Mizzurna Falls is a must.
If you remember how Human Entertainment used to be a legend, then you must be 8x 9x. Once dominated the market with a series of infamous horror games from the Clock Tower series, the Syndrome series extended to the sports segment such as Super Soccer, the first Fire Pro Wrestling versions… And in 2000 that, We mourn for a legend who was forever killed in battle and disappeared from the gaming world. Human games, although not too prominent in that 5th gen era in terms of graphics or interaction, but one of the reasons why people always come to them is – These guys know how to make games that bring the best of both worlds. Slightly storywise, great cinema with a rough graphic background but a unique Art Style. Hifumi Kono created Clock Tower, one of the first Survival Horror games to explore the Stalker style that almost any modern horror game running in this style cannot fail to recognize, Keita Kimura designed SOS – One of the great Time Attack-themed Survival games with unique Mechanics, and the most bloody member is of course Goichi Suda, with the horror series Twilight Syndrome and Moonlight Syndrome… And of course, Mizzurna Falls is not One exception, to create more madness, the director and screenwriter of the game is Taichi Ishizuka, after Human went bankrupt, he gave up the game industry to move to Canada to live in a small town, working as a guide. the reserve officer, it’s as if he thinks he’s the Matthew from the game and lives a quiet town life…
First of all, let’s talk about the technical part of the game. It’s quite surprising that a game like this was developed for a hardware like the PS1. As a semi-open world game, it is obvious that what comes to the player’s mind is a certain sense of freedom such as wandering around the town, witnessing the NPC’s reactions and behavior or even more amazed. it’s the Freescript NPC. Instead of NPCs just standing in one place or appearing at another point when needed, you can witness their schedule in real time. For example, the old Sheriff Morgan may spend the morning at the office, but in the right order at 11-12 noon, he automatically goes out to the restaurant or goes to the car to drive around town. His model is just like that, you can continue to chat to try, you can get at least 1-3 sentences in case it is not related to the plot. At night, some typical NPCs and super-subs can also appear and gather at the town’s Bar. Or many other NPCs with other schedules that you can see they will always walk on the street or go on a certain fall according to the schedule. It’s still limited at least to some extent but it’s still crazy to see them pull something like this for the PS1. It is so accurate that if you happen to know an event that happens to follow the plot with an NPC at a certain location, right from a certain period of time you can follow them from their location. to that location. If it is too early or too late, it is not okay, all require an accuracy in time. And of course, this is also a great technical aspect because in-game time is approximately 1 day = 1 to 2 hours in real life if you are running the default 60 FPS on PS1 hardware without any interference. . There’s a whole cycle of night and day – don’t laugh because not many people thought that far back in those years, okay? I even noticed that the Engine that Mizzurna Falls uses is quite impressive in that it can build many small areas or certain rooms very nicely, or many small areas to form a large area. It’s Cutdown Draw Distance is similar to Silent Hill 1 but instead of having a mist to cover that, the game tries to use fuzzy white tones. Flat Texture is absolutely in many parts, to the point that you can adjust the Camera out and see the flaws that should be hidden, Assets in the game are mostly extremely low BitMaps formats, many areas have loops. Returning Assets and Models does not spoil the impression. And to blow away the surprise of many people, Mizzurna Falls fits in a CD that even after fully decompressing is only 300 to 400 MB, its super compressed file that many people use is 100MB. Yes, all of these Cram run out into 400MB.

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