Mesmerizing costumes in Blade and Soul

The Blade and Soul game is loved by gamer players because it has a customizable character system with beautiful and diverse fashions. The outfits in this game not only have the function of activating the soul, but also have a variety of styles and designs. In this article, 1000bestgames will send you the top costumes in Blade and Soul that players like the most.

Circle of Destiny: Top costumes in Blade and Soul

When playing BnS games, you can own yourself a beautiful wardrobe, “classy”, “quality” without spending money to buy. The main job to have beautiful fashion is that players have to spend time plowing. In the fashion warehouse with hundreds of models, there are some models that are very popular with gamers. The costume we first mention to you is the Wheel of Fates also known as the Wheel of Destiny.

Most of the different areas on the Wheel of Destiny will produce different outfits. To spin, you will spend 1 stone per turn. The rotating support stones you can buy at the F5 flea market or complete the task of killing the bosses.

Zombie and Wolf Soul, Golden Devil Costume

Here are 3 outfits you can collect from bosses that are the most favorite gamer players. Most outfits of this type have eye-catching looks and are suitable for many characters. Except for the Linh race which is quite unattractive, the shaping of the characters with this outfit is quite charming. In particular, the Golden Demon outfit also has the Golden Demon aura – this is an item that many gamer players can do at any cost to own them.
How to own the Golden Demon costumes in BnS. You choose a picnic map and perform boss fighting missions, when you destroy the boss you will collect the essence and return to the Round of Destiny, from which the costumes in Blade and Soul will appear randomly. course:

  • Thien Linh zombie Costume: Usually spawned and can be collected at the Craft Forest, Luc Lam Coast and Crematorium.
  • Golden Devil Costume: usually spawned and can be collected at Dai Mac, Semi-Nguyet Stream (specifically, Shadow Moon Ruins).
  • Wolf God costume: usually spawned and can be collected at Soi Hill, Dong Thuy Nguyet area, near Khieu Lang Hostel.
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Blade and Soul outfits White Ghost

Among the top costumes in Blade and Soul, White Ghost is the skin that gamer players can get through hidden quests. In addition to their high aesthetics, they are also loved by gamer players and considered the fashion icon for this game.
How to own the White Ghost: At Emerald Village, you choose to accept the quest, then complete and own the Pirate costume. After wearing this outfit you can attack NPC of the guards in Tre village. After the attack is complete, hidden bosses will appear randomly on the map. Destroying these bosses will give you 2 badges. When you have collected all 20, return to the Exchange Trader at the teleport point to exchange the White Ghost skin.

Wind God/Thunderer God: High-class Apparel BnS

Wind God/Thunderer God are 2 costumes that are classified as high-end of the game Blade and Soul. Through quests in the Naryu labyrinth version, you can own a full set of them including clothes, accessories and hats. In Lightning God clothes, the biggest difference you will see is the color and some minor textures.

With a tall, slender physique, the Thien are the most suitable people to wear Wind God/Thunderer God costumes.

How to get it: you participate in the Naryu Labyrinth Sub-quest or destroy the bosses of the Wind God / Lightning God to pick up the fashion shards and bring them to exchange rewards.

Poharan – BnS costumes are most sought after

With the massive costume warehouse in BnS, Poharan’s hair is enthusiastically welcomed by gamer players. This is also the iconic top top item commonly found in the Blade and Soul posters. While they are not a complete outfit combo, they are popular among many players. The reason is because Poharan’s hair is very beautiful and he can dye the colors white – black, red – black. In addition to the beauty, the rarity is also what makes gamer players have to hunt for this hair.

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However, Poharan is only suitable for female characters, not suitable for men. If you want to know why, please see the image below to know.
How to own them: you perform an activity on the map of Chien Hai Xa, fight the enemies here and pick up the drops or use Poharan perfume to spin. As mentioned above, Poharan hair is a rare outfit, so collecting items will not help you turn out easily, depending on the luck.

Other Blade and Soul outfits are popular

In addition to the HOTest costumes above, you can refer to the following Blade and Soul costumes: Scorpio, King Kaari, Van Linh, …

You can collect this costume right from the wheel at the Yehara Inn on Dai Mac map. Combo outfits gamers get include: shirts, hats, tail accessories.

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King Kaari costume

Places where this costume often appears: Thuy Oa Ruins at Lake Lam Ngoc; Thuy Nguyet plain. You can collect them after defeating the boss King Kaari nearby and collecting the fallen gems. Costume combo received includes: shirt, mask.

blade and soul guardian costumes
King Kaari costume
Combo costumes BnS: Van Linh
This costume appears at Tan Vien Gate, Thuy Nguyet. After collecting, players will receive costumes including: shirts, hats, masks.

Red Mask BnS

The player can farm this bns outfit through the Secret Workshop. When the final bosses are defeated here, the red mask may drop. However, this costume is quite rare, so many gamers often tell each other that it takes 20-50 times to get it.

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Monster hunter fashion

You can collect monster hunter costumes at Dao Da Thong on the Luc Nam coast. Farm outfits the extra bns in the Dong Duyen version to own them. When killing the last boss, there will be a drop rate for this shirt. However, this is also a rare item in Blade and Soul, so let’s define the idea of ​​running this quest many times.

You can check out Garena’s Academy of Fashion and Costumes Blade and Soul to learn more about the costumes of this game.


Above are the outfits in Blade and Soul that are most loved by gamer players. In addition to the buffet outfits above, there are also many gendered outfits. It is not a bad idea if you want to combine multiple costumes together.

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