List of good completely free games on smartphones

Which phone game is the most popular for players today? Let 1000bestgames help you in the article below.

#1 good phone game – Another Eden

Another Eden is known as a role-playing game series in the JRPG genre, developed by the same author of Chrono Trigger.

The interesting thing about Another Eden is that you will become time travelers, go to other ages in history, roam the game world and your teammates will be NPCs. Also, you can spin the gacha in search of treasures – this is a pretty favorite element of chance in the game.

Note Another Eden does not store player data on the Google Plays Games system, so please backup your data if you intend to change phones.

#2 good phone game – Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are a lover of the fascinating racing tracks, Asphalt will be a good game brand on your phone that you should not ignore.

In the list of released Asphalt series, Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme is the most popular, but since Asphalt 9: Legends launched on the market, it quickly became the most popular series at present.

Asphalt 9: Legends offers players a huge collection of up to 50 different car models, with many challenges and fascinating missions. In general, the game is considered to have a simple system but is extremely popular. Besides, beautiful graphics are also the highlight of the game.

#3 good phone game – Call of Duty: Mobile

Referring to the good game genres on the phone that ignore Call of Duty: Mobile, it is a very big mistake. From the very first days of its release, this game quickly became the “focus” of many people’s attention and was extremely popular.

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One interesting point of Call of Duty: Mobile is that you can play PvP FPS online, even a 100-person battle royale mode (similar to PUBG Mobile or Fortnite).

Despite being ranked as cool free on mobile games, there are some equipment that require purchase with money. However, you can equip these outfits through in-game rewards for winning rounds. Call of Duty: Mobile is considered to still have a certain number of bugs but can be solved over time.

#4 good phone game  – EA Sports game

If you love basketball then EA Sports game will be an ideal suggestion for you. EA is a developer specializing in sports games, such as NFL Overdrive, FIFA Soccer, NBA Live Mobile,… and EA Sports game is one of them.

Nice graphics, simple controls are the attraction of this game genre. However, there is a downside in EA’s game genres that is selling for a heavy fee, also known as freemium, which will cause heavy or crashes when experiencing.

#5 good phone game – Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a dramatic and engaging duel game where you’ll unlock cards, build and duel with other players using the decks you’ve built before. . Even though it’s a game on your phone, you can log in on your PC / laptop for a clearer and louder experience.

In case you do not want to face real players, you can take down some bots to practice.

#6 good phone game – Pokemon Go

This is the last great game on the phone that we want to share with you readers in this article.
Pokemon Go is one of the biggest and hottest mobile games in 2016. Up to now, the game’s heat has dropped but its popularity is still huge. True to its name, to join the game you will start moving, exploring the world around you to catch Pokemon.

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Your mission is to beat gyms and find Pokemon. Also you can trade Pokemon in the game, which is a great idea, right?

Is there any kind of good game on the phone that you love in the list above? Follow 1000bestgames to update the good news about the game of the day!

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