GTA 5 – an extremely dramatic, engaging and addictive action adventure game

Today, there are many genres of games that are extremely attractive and interesting such as intellectual games, adventure games, different action, scoring games, strategy games, … and of which it is impossible not to mention the name GTA 5 – in the genre of adventure, action games that are storming the game charts worth playing of all time.

Brief introduction about the game GTA 5 online, the gameplay of the game


GTA 5 Online is also known with a familiar name Grand Theft Auto Five developed by Rockstar North and produced and published by North Games. Since its inception until now, GTA 5 has attracted a large number of players of all ages thanks to the appeal of the game’s plot, and the beauty of the game. The game revolves around 3 characters: A street gangster named Franklin Clinton, an illegal drug dealer and illegal arms dealer. With many different game modes, players will have many different choices. For example, in the online multiplayer mode, the game allows up to 30 players per game and that means the coordination of your teammates to win the game.

How to play

With sharp graphics, beautiful interface makes the player unable to take his eyes off. Grand Theft auto five has quite simple gameplay, players can walk or use a car to drive, to move to the position they want. The main task of this game is to perform robbery missions, in the game there are shooting paths and racing monsters in the game. GTA 5 games have always earned a huge amount of revenue since launch so far.

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Your own assessment and feelings

Grand Theft auto five (GT5 online) is one of the most popular action adventure games on the market today. This is a kind of fun and dramatic action game that blends with unexpected situations, giving players a sense of comfort when immersing in the character and going out to carry out robberies, at the same time. It feels like we are exploring the wonders of a large city, specifically in the state of San Andreas in southern California. In addition, when playing games, it will also bring you the feeling of relaxation after a tiring school day or a long day of stressful work. In addition, in my opinion, this game also helps to develop thinking ability, intelligence and creativity, … What are you waiting for, quickly go to the internet and search for Grand Theft Auto five game (GTA 5 online) to discover its all beauty. I’m sure you won’t regret playing this action adventure online game! Have a good time and see you in the posts next time!

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