Game Stick Empires emerging currently being loved

Stick Empires is a great strategy war game. Choose from 3 available forces of stickman and challenge players around the world in one-to-one matches. You can play a casual match or a death match will provide more resources. The goal of this game is to destroy the enemy’s statue while defending your statue. Use your workers to gather resources that can be used to train war units and upgrade towers or abilities.

Stick Empires, also known as stick war, is a widely popular game today. Play Stick War, one of the biggest, funniest, challenging and addictive stickman games. Control your army with squads or play unit by unit. You have full control over everyone. Create units, mine for gold and learn how to swords, spears, shoot guns, wizards and even giants. Destroy the statues of the enemy and occupy all the lands!

New features of the game

+ Mission Mode: New levels will be released every Friday! -Order is not easy.

+ Saga map with many rewards.

+ Usually, the crown is unlocked according to each difficulty, difficulty and extreme level.

+ Countless new game types await-Win before sunset, Gold is protected by three obstacles, Death War, Progress Statue, Little Boss and more!

Arrows will now be visible on all units and Gore effects have been improved and damage animation added.

+ Form units and improve archery targets.

Main features of the game

+ Campaign-Classic Order is born. Currently, there are 6 bonus levels.

+ Zombie survival mode endless! How many nights can you survive?

+ Tournament mode! Fight and overcome dozens of enemies to win the “Inamorta Crown”.

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– Costumes for all characters are now available! Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with its own perks!

You are besieged in a world where you have to keep trying to protect yourself called Inamorta. The development of countries varies in many ways. Use your own power to conquer other countries and make the technologies of that country your own, and use them to win in other countries. Nations believe that their way of life is unique and through the statement that their leaders are God’s intervention, or as you know … always through war, everything else I want to spread their policies to the country.

With many different countries such as “shooter”, “Swordwrath”, “magikill”, “pertland” …

You are the leader of your own country, your purpose is peace and knowledge, and your people do not worship weapons like gods. This makes you a thorn in the eyes of the surrounding water. Your only defense is to attack first and then capture technology from each nation along the way.

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