Complete Guide to playing Lineage 2 Revolution for newbies

The game Lineage 2 Revolution recently launched in Vietnam and many Vietnamese gamer players are tinkering with how to play. Here, 1000bestgames would like to send you instructions to play Lineage 2 Revolution for beginners.

Required configuration level of Lineage 2 Revolution
There was tumultuous news in 2018 when someone said that the Vietnamese version of Lineage 2 Revolution will be released by VTC Online, which has made gamer players who love this game very excited.

You can check out updated game events on Lineage 2 Revolution Vietnam fanpage.

  • Configuration for Android: CPU: QUAD CORE 1.2GHZ, RAM: 1GB
  • Configuration for iOS: we should use phones with iOS 9.0 or higher. Use from iphone 6s and above is the best.

    Focus fast level plowing to choose a character

    The first Lineage 2 Revolution tutorials will revolve around focusing on level plowing to choose a job for your character. After reaching level 31, players will develop their character according to their roots. So when you first enter the game try to plow to level 30 fastest. Here are some effective farming ways would like to share with you:

    Focus on doing quests that can be done in 1 day to level 30 fastest including: daily quests, weekly quests, Tower of Insolence

    You should use 100 red KC to reset Daily Dungoen to continue to have more maps to farm.

    You should get a party to buff to speed up the farm to increase monsters faster and more convenient Codex.

    Combat Power (this is very important in the game)

    The picture above is the indicator showing your combat force information. Try to keep CP at level S to gain advantage in game modes like: PvE, PvP. Also, capture your opponent with in-game tutorials (this is very important). From there you can know where your character is still weak to upgrade and repair.

    Weapons are the most important thing to help players upgrade their CP to the highest possible level. If you have the opportunity to upgrade weapons first because they will bring a lot of CP in the first stage. It is best to equip yourself with S to SR weapons to farm monsters quickly and fight bosses more effectively.

    The Rune feature is one of the most costly Adena features in Lineage 2 Revolution, and it is never enough when you play the game from start to finish. So if you’re new to playing, don’t think about Runes too much. Leave that to auto mode to work, you will finish maxing the first 4 pages quickly.

But on page 5 everything will be a lot more difficult, as well as the upgrade will fail many times more than 4 pages ago. So, give priority to the necessary things over if you can’t do it yet. Just upgrade the Rune to page 4 you can see that it will be redundant if you do it again. But once you realize it, you won’t have any Adena.

How to play Lineage  2 Revolution: how to upgrade equipment

Like many other plow games, Lineage 2 Revolution will have a very familiar feature of equipment upgrades. But you will have a strange feeling during the equipment upgrade to ultimate (SR), players have to follow the formula below:

A + A = S + S = R + R = SR (this is the addition to upgrade the item to higher)


You should only upgrade equipment and jewels rarely if it is part of the set you decide to choose. If not, do not be foolish to combine the 2 ultimate weapons together. Except for weapons that always have priority to upgrade from R to SR.

If you own the basic equipment, you should only combine it with other basic equipment, because that is just to get stronger. Do not feel insecure when you do not have equipment. You will rarely begin to learn how to play Lineage 2 Revolution.

If you want items that we upgrade to be traded later, we will combine them with tradable items. So, when combining, see if the item you combine can be traded, lest it sell salt.

Please spend diamonds reasonably

Perhaps this is not suitable for rich brethren or top-ups, but for the average brother, it matters.

Here are the important jobs you should use red diamonds:

  • Reset Dungeon every day
  • Sub stat reset: should be applied to items with ultimate equipment.
  • Reset the daily count: this is the job many gamer players enter the game should do so that we have 20 times to do tasks from Scroll.
  • Bag expansion: The inventory is very important in Lineage 2 Revolution and you have to make use of it, if possible open as much as possible so that the bag can hold more items and have a lot of Adena when selling items.


Above are some instructions to play Lineage 2 Revolution for new gamer players. Hope the information 1000bestgames gives you will be a valuable source of information for you to adventure in this world of plowing game.

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