Collection of weapons and guns in the game Rules of Survival

The weapons in the survival game ROS are diverse and distributed across the map. The guns in the game Rules of Survival have different features and advantages. You already know how many weapons in this game already? How to use these weapons? If you’ve mastered it and know how to use it up, we don’t think this will delay your promotion.

Knowing all their features not only helps you know which gun to choose for the right case. This article will not introduce all types of guns in the game Rules of Survival, but with the list of weapons shared by 1000bestgames, you will definitely have a choice for yourself to fight on many types of maps today.

The weapons in Rules of Survival are diversified by the manufacturer, with many divisions such as strength, recoil, mobility and the ability to exert effect on the battlefield if you know the power. of each weapon => What do you choose at the beginning of the game, what do you choose in the middle of the game, what you choose at the end of the game?

You can download the game ROS by following the links below:

The super weapons in the game Rules of Survival

The group of super weapons in this game is mentioned by us to be weapons capable of long-range shooting and high damage, easily destroy the enemy in the first series of shots. Most of the guns in the Rules of Survival game in the super-level group are automatic guns, guns that can be aimed at long distances and long range. Some typical super weapons such as:

Assault Rifle – M14EB: This gun possesses 2 extremely delicious modes, the shooting mode with the same ability as an automatic rifle. Able to destroy the opponent very accurately with a maximum ammo amount of 40 / ice. This is a super gun used by many players playing Rules of Survival professionally.

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Assault Rifle – M249: This is a very powerful gun but only effective when fired at close range. Another tricky point is that this gun is only found in relief boxes from aircraft. They have another advantage of having 100 bullets/ice per shot.

Sniper – Barrett: the one hit ability of this gun is what gamer players appreciate and everyone wants to own. However, it will not be easy when it only appears in the relief box in the plane.

Sniper – AS VAL: These guns are similar to Barrett when they only appear in the relief box. Their damage is lower but their ammo costs more than Barrett with 20 bullets / ice.

Types of guns in the game Rules of Survival premium group

This is a group of powerful guns in the powerful guns in ROS, if compared to super guns, this advanced group has slightly weaker damage but is much easier to find. In addition, the weapons of the high-end Rules of Survival group will have support for many features such as silencer, gun stock or separate handle.

Assault Rifle – AR15: This gun has a low recoil mode and a decent range. For anyone who likes to be a sniper, this is a gun that is worth owning. However, its weakness is that it has less damage than high-end guns in Rules of Survival.
Assault Rifle – M4A1: this is the gun that many gamer players hunt for in Rules of Survival. This is an advanced weapon for mid-range damage, full of accessories, easy to hunt and among the top guns in the rules of survival.

Shotgun – AA12: this is an automatic gun capable of continuously firing, with the aim of destroying close-range targets th2i Shotgun – AA12 is the ideal choice in the game.
Sniper – AWM: this is a sniper rifle with a very short range, which is a pity that their damage is too low and can not be as powerful as other sniper rifles.

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Sniper – SVD: similar to the AWM above but the damage they bring is not inferior to the rifles. They have the advantage of high range and relatively fast ammo time.

SMG – Thompson: Thompson is the rare gun gamers will keep from start to finish. This gun has the capacity to hold 60 rounds / magazine. Considering at close range, Thompson is almost unmatched in the Rules of Survival survival game.

The intermediate weapons in the game Rules of Survival

The intermediate group of guns in the game Rules of Survival are all very popular weapons in the game. If you are lacking tools to fight, you can temporarily use them until you pick up the high-end items.

Assault Rifle – AKM: This gun has high damage, but the downside is that the gun recoil is also high. If you are at a close distance, this is a very powerful weapon for the gunner, but if you want to destroy the target at a long distance, then leave that thought.
Shotgun – M870: with the ability to destroy objects at close distance and shoot them one by one, this is the gun you should only use a short time in the beginning of the game.

Pistol – Desert Eagle: The pistols in Rules of Survival are very weak, there are some that can be said to be strange, so if you have the Desert Eagle it can be said to be okay. That said, they are only alternative methods when the rate of picking up rifles or shotguns is higher.

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The low level weapons in the game ROS

This group of low-level weapons meets the criteria of low damage, usually close-up weapons, so you will see them appear a lot in the game. Anyway, some of them are better than walking barefoot.

Shotgun – Model 1887: This is a shotgun family gun, has decent damage, but the downside is that it can only shoot 2 bullets and have to reload. In that time the opponent will have enough time and ability to finish your game.

Pistol – G18C: This gun according to many gamer players is extremely bad, the only point that makes it stand out more than silver pistols is the rate of fire. The rest are unsuitable such as low damage, high recoil, and the inability to shoot long range.

SMG – PP19: this is one of the most leprous rifles in the game ROS when having the lowest damage, they are only suitable for temporary use.

SMG – MP7: This type of vermicelli is similar to MP9 but has a higher recoil.

Special weapon groups in the game Rules of Survival

These are very melodramatic weapons such as knives, pans, plastic chickens, … these you should not keep. However, you can hold them to attack the “goofy” gamer players if you have no other choice. Among the 3 types above, the plastic chicken is the best because they help players to increase the speed of movement higher.


Above is information about the weapons and guns in the Rules of Survival game you should check out while playing. Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are the popular weapons that are heavily used in this game. Wish you have fun playing Rules of Survival.

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