Some of misunderstanding about stress…

Understand stress to control it Many types of stress management are harmful to health or it aggravates the problem. That usually arises from misunderstandings about stress. Recognizing that the wrong… Read more

Useful tips for the treatment of stress

Fight away stress Stress has been impacted concurrently or sequentially on four key areas of the subject: thinking, emotion, body function and behavior. When we treat stress, whether by method,… Read more

The impact of stress on us?

The impact of stress on us When a person is stressed for a long time, they can not be relieved, which causes both physical and emotional suffering. Here are 10… Read more

Explain stress in psychological perspective

Psychological stress Mr. Walter Cannon was the first person has introduces the concept of Stress. He observed a series of instinctive responses in the natural world called “Resist or Run”… Read more

The stages of Stress

The stages of Stress According to Selye, the stress response or general irritation syndrome is divided into three stages. Resistance Stage The first stage: Alarm  This stage is characterized by… Read more

The History of the discovery of Stress

                                                           … Read more

Stress: work pressure

He has a house in the big city, good children, stable wages, but this 45-year-old man has many times tried to commit suicide. Causes determined by the doctor is due… Read more
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