Signs of psychological crisis in middle age

Signs of mid-life crisis For most middle-aged men, it is the happiest, most comfortable time with stability both in terms of career, economics and family life. However, for many people,… Read more

What parents need to do when your children are in a psychological crisis

Communication is key Child care not only focuses on the child’s nutrition, Education is also something that parents need to pay more attention to. It includes the child’s psychological state… Read more

“Fear of Missing out” syndrome in these days and age

The explosive growth of mass media has led to rapid spread of information and knowledge, which also has led to the formation of  “fear of missing out” syndrome in today’s… Read more

How to measure your level of fear

How to measure your level of fear Each of us in life is confronted with different types of emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anxiety and memory. But how to quantify… Read more

Psychological crisis can easily cause physical danger

According to Purdur University’s study, psychological crisis and anxiety can lead to one’s premature death, at least because these people tend to stick to harmful behaviors. Psychological crisis is a… Read more

Crisis of adolescence

Through lifetime of a person, puberty is the age that is subject to the most difficult and complex changes, so one is most prone to crises compared to other age… Read more

Quarter life crisis and things you should know.

When you are a young adult and you have quarter-life crisis One third of those surveyed in the 20-30 age group are depressed, according to a recent study by a… Read more

Pre-marriage crisis

Why pre-marriage crisis? How to pass it? You test-drive several vehicles before buying your car, read every tech blog possible to see which smartphone is best for you, and even… Read more

Age-based psychological crises over life stages

Since birth and growing up with many ups and downs, people are facing worries daily… There are very important periods of times that come along with changes in thought, perception… Read more

Psychological and emotional development in adolescence

Talking about adolescence, it is well known that this is a stage in which children are psychologically and physically developing. In boys and girls, emotional and psychological development have similarities… Read more
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