Somethings to know when going to a gastroscopy

Stomach pain causes the patient to feel very uncomfortable, tired. Not only that, it also affects the work, life and activities of patients. However, with the advances of medicine today… Read more

The “normal” habit but causes stomach cancer

  Stomach cancer is a type of cancer caused by damage from the lining of the stomach, which is still a common cancer in the world. Annually, according to the… Read more

The danger of stomach cancer…

  Stomach cancer is the most common cancer in Vietnam, second in males (after lung cancer) and fifth in females. Stomach cancer can be encountered at any age. Diseases in… Read more

Signs of stomach cancer – not only the pain!

  Digestive cancers are on the rise in countries around the world, especially stomach cancer. The most prominent symptom of stomach cancer is frequent pain, but in many cases it… Read more

The “painless” signs of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is not only manifested through severe and obvious pain that can also be manifested through signs other than pain. Therefore, you can still detect the disease through these… Read more

Symptoms of HPV infection

Hp (Helicobacter pylori) infection is a major cause of gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach pain, gastritis, etc. Hepatitis can be transmitted from person to person, To the health and if… Read more

8 symptoms of stomach cancer are usually ignored

Symptoms of stomach cancer are rare until the disease spreads to other organs. The survival rate of 5 years after stomach cancer is 90%. However, if the disease is late,… Read more
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