Blank Frame – Eyes in the night storm (pt2)

In the next article about this new game, will sketch a portrait of a character that I am incarnating, but to be honest, until I finish playing both endings, I still don’t know his face. What does Henri look like?

There is a frame in the apartment but the frame is empty like Henri who has no family or friends. And yes, this guy is pretty lonely – I guess as I steered this character around the house with the intention of looking for something to pry that closet out of the door. Looking at the piles of DVD players, Henri said that at first he watched comedy and action movies, but now he mainly sees darker content like horror movies. There’s a clock but it’s missing the hands – it’s like Henri has no sense of time at all. This character admits that he has been drinking a lot of beer and energy drinks lately, even though he knows it’s not good for his health, but still drinks for mental reasons.

Now that I think about it, when I looked through the bedroom window, there was an empty billboard with the words “so empty”, and when I looked at the kitchen window ad, it said “something… missing? “. At first, I thought the detail of the broken desk phone was just something I often see in horror games. But later on, I think this implies that Henri has spent so much time alone, hiding behind the walls that Henri himself built around, that he doesn’t know how to talk to people anymore. , so the landline phone line is not working. If based on such metaphorical images, I guess Henri’s life is already empty and has really been trapped for a long time in this apartment with his loneliness.

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But Henri alone couldn’t get rid of both of these on his own. To get outside help, Henri had to open his window first – of course it would be difficult at first, starting a conversation with a stranger was equally difficult for me for the first time – but only Only Henri’s body can do it and no one else can do it for him.

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