Blank Frame – Eyes in the night storm (pt1)

There was a time when I wished I had my own house to live in because I thought I was an adult anyway. But when that became a reality, I realized that being alone was not what I wanted. Because then I realized that there are many things that I thought were simple, but when I did it myself, I realized it was not easy at all – especially when I was alone. Living like that for a while, I couldn’t stand the sight of being alone in a vicious circle, so I had to go home… But what if I couldn’t come out of that loneliness myself. Every night? Maybe that’s why the game called “Blank Frame” caught my attention because it was similar at that time.

This is a first-person puzzle horror indie game with an interface similar to the games of the 2000s. Being a slow-paced psychological horror game, the game focuses on the plot instead of the jumpscare phase. And because the game doesn’t have a save mechanism, if you die you’ll have to start over – this game can be completed in about an hour and a half anyway.

Translated into Vietnamese, it will mean “empty window frame”. You will be playing the role of a character named Henri who currently lives in an apartment located in the center of Dim River town. One night while you were sleeping, the hallway of the apartment suddenly emitted a terrifyingly loud crash that forced you to wake up. You get out of bed to see what’s going on when a metal cabinet has fallen through the ceiling of the apartment above and has blocked the door. Your task is to find a way out of the apartment. Depending on what you will do, the game will have two endings.

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Atmosphere in the game
In this Blank Frame, there is only a gloomy atmosphere because of solitude even though the nightlife continues outside. It’s just that not everyone notices that someone is having to deal with a problem on their own that may not be possible to do alone. When I looked outside through the window, I could see a few people in the alley and the streets were also a few people and cars on the road. And behind the windows of the buildings opposite, there are people with their own jobs. Unfortunately, this game’s content is only about a person trying to get out of a situation trapped in his own apartment, so he doesn’t have the opportunity to step foot on the street.

But outside the apartment is not only people and vehicles. There are also monsters in this game with such monstrous shapes that I don’t want to get close to them, but luckily most of them only appear outside Henri’s apartment – and usually look in the direction of this apartment. And because this game is considered to have been inspired by Silent Hill 4, I think maybe these monsters are a mirror of the character’s inner self that represents some fear – although I still don’t. I can’t imagine being specific about something because I don’t know what the past of the character I control used to be.

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