A general guide to playing Minecraft game for newbie

Minecraft is a survival game that does not have the current beautiful graphics, but they are passionate by many young gamer players and it is difficult to ignore this game. Many new players also find tutorials on how to play Minecraft game.

Brief introduction to the game Minecraft

Participating in this survival game, players seem to be immersed in the vast world, are spoiled for building many completely random beautiful works on the jungle, swamps, mountains, deserts to cold regions. prices are full of ice and snow.

You can do anything you like in this game such as caves, build a house according to your preference, grow a farm, raise as you like. Players can make their own monumental works such as building a railway system or making a train system. Sounds like a lot, right? But you may not have known that the great graphics in Minecraft are all made from monotonous pixel-like squares.

Guide to play the entire minecraft game

Step into the game

Every time you enter the game you have to create a new world. In the start interface, go to the world selection and click the Create New World button.

Then enter the world name you want in World Name or choose your favorite game mode. The modes include the following:

  • Survival mode: when you enter this mode, you will perform actions such as searching for resources, materials, life force to survive and survive.
  • Super hard game mode: this is exactly the same as survival mode but you only have 1 life to play instead of multiple lives.
  • Creative game mode: this mode plays the best when not limited to resources, can freely survive and destroy blocks instantly.
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After full setup, tap the create new world button.

Next, the buttons used to move in the game Minecraft

Button W: go straight (press this button twice will run fast).
Button S: choose to go backwards
Button A: move left
Button D: move right
Button E: open the inventory (armrest)
Shift button: used to hide / bow, … (keep the character from falling in high places)
Right mouse button: used to place blocks or use some items
Left mouse: this one is used the most, used to attack, destroy, collect, …
If you want to play more conveniently, you can reset these buttons in Option -> Control.

Guide to play minecraft under survival mode

Your job when entering the game is to collect wood to create different items. Get closer to where there are trees and left click to destroy the blocks one by one. When done, pick up the small blocks that fall down until you reach 10.

Next, press the E key to see what you’ve just gathered

  • The 4 vertical rows on the left of the character are places to wear items that increase armor such as hats, shirts, pants, and shoes.
  • The 4 [2 × 2] squares are crafting areas, which contain only normal items, while the square to the right is for post-crafted items.
  • The last 9 horizontal boxes contain commonly used items.

Place the blocks you collect and place them in the crafting box. Each block will receive up to 4 wooden boards, drag them into the inventory and you can make things like:

  • 2 wooden boards will form sticks
  • 4 wooden boards can make different crafting table
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Drag them to the toolbar and then right-click to place the crafting table on the ground, then continue to right click on it. After that, the crafting board will see the crafting board appear 9 in 3 x 3. Now, players can craft tools according to the formula as shown below:

  • Wooden cup: used to exploit stone, gravel, coal
  • Wooden ax: helps players cut wood faster
  • Wooden shovel: use faster excavation
  • Wooden sword: used to slash and kill monsters

Next, you need to exploit and earn more other items such as: pebbles, wood or soil to make a safe place to live when night falls. Because at that time monsters will appear and attack you. Note, if you die because they may lose items and experience.


After completing these steps you can learn how to create fire, you can collect stones collected from the cliff, craft into a forge (in the game is Furnace) to burn the logs into charcoal. Then use charcoal combined with wooden sticks to form torches.


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