Photography event for the cinema on this month

An observation about water in cinema suggests Hanoi. Explore the transformation and note the nuances of water through a kaleidoscope. The 24h Capital Cinema Center in collaboration with the creative media channel would like to organize this Photography event for the cinema.

Colorful frames of water. Water nourishes and heals. The water sparkles with joy, the water pushes the emotions. Water crept in cultural space, water attached to daily life. Water floats with life for a living, water deposits a stream of thoughts and thoughts. Water embraces sorrow and creates it, with its limitless potential power.

Through these nuances along with the recycled/found footage film work made by the curatorial team and young director Pham Dinh Thien, the project wishes to have a closer look at the country – which mostly only plays the role of the film’s contextual role – and Hanoi, the containment area, the associated region.

Curators: Ly Thu Ha, Do Thu Hien, Vu Thi Mai Phuong, Ngo Xuan Quynh

About Victor Phan

Victor Phan (born 1996) is a filmmaker in Hanoi. He graduated valedictorian in Cinematography class of the Academy of Journalism and Communication. In 2019, he joined the filming class of the program “Autumn Encounter” directly taught by cameraman Chananun Chotrungroj and Ly Thai Dung. At the same time, he also made a number of short films such as: Highway To You (2020), Lost Country (2020), .. In addition, he also participated in film crews as well as art shows. Art with many different roles such as: Traditional Future (2019), Like the Moon in the Night (2020). From 2020, he works at TPD Cinema Talent Development Support Center as well as continues to participate in many different short film projects.

The project is part of the program Like the Moon in the Night, a series of events surrounding Vietnamese cinema in the past, present and future, like gateways to the film heritage from today’s perspective.

Like the Moon in the Night 3, which takes place from March 9 to April 3, is organized by TPD Center for Cinema Talent Support, with the companionship of the French Institute in Hanoi, and the support of the Cultural Exchange Center. Japan in Vietnam, Purin Pictures, UNESCO Office in Vietnam (through #hanoirethink project), Vietnam Film Institute, British Council in Vietnam (through DSKar project), Hancines 01, PhoneHub and the center Hin Spaces.

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