Hot event on this month : “Taste of Asia”

Taste of Asia is the name of a series of presentations on Asian cinema organized by the Phanxines Center for Young Cinema Talent Development and coordinated with the creative media channel to be the broadcasting and recording unit.
This is a series of online events with the participation of speakers who are experts, critics, and curators of famous domestic cinema.

In it, speaker Victor Phan will present life and death in director Satyajit Ray’s film (11.7). Speaker Mai Anh Tuan gives a presentation on metaphors in frames – the challenge of watching movies by director Abbas Kiarostami (July 17). Speaker Le Hong Lam explains the new wave of Korean cinema spreading globally (July 24). Speaker Vu Anh Duong talks about cinema without history in films by Siu Pham and Truong Minh Quy (1.8). Speaker Nguyen Quoc Thanh talked about the movie Song Lang (1.8). Speaker Do Van Hoang talks about director Hiroshi Shimizu.

Phanxines Young Cinema Talent Development Center is a creative space with movie training activities. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Phanxines is promoting online movie education activities. This promotes the creation of an environment and community for movie enthusiasts. Along with film courses and discussions, Phanxines also has a YouTube channel with various categories such as short films, filmmaking, cinematic knowledge…

Life and death in the film by Satyajit Ray

15h Sunday 11/7

Speaker Victor Phan

Metaphor in Frames: The Aborm Mibaj . Film Challenge

Saturday, July 17 at 3 p.m

Speaker Mai Anh Tuan

Why did the New Wave of Korean cinema spread globally?

7pm Saturday 24/7

Speaker Lam Phan

A cinema without history in the film of Siu Pham and Trung Vincy

15h Sunday 1/8

Speaker British Duno

Song Lang: Love you to death

3pm Saturday 7/8

Speaker Nguyen Quoc Thanh

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