BBS beats MMS and what to do for our small businesses?

There was an important statement about: stocks outpacing the economy is not a good thing for recently. And had believed it was real. Read more

It has been found that killing the dangerous bacteria resistant HP

  Have you ever wondered why there are some people with gastric disease with Hp bacteria who have cured with only one treatment, some have treated several times and have… Read more

Medical treatment of autism: is cannabis a remedy?

Medical treatment of autism: is cannabis a remedy? Although it was rare to hear about it 20 years ago, autism is now the fastest growing development disorder. It is estimated… Read more

Signs of schizophrenia

Signs of schizophrenia can be detected as below: Hallucination Hallucination is a perception with no object to perceive. We distinguish : psychosensory hallucinations (auditory +++, cenesthetic ++, olfactory +, taste,… Read more

The “normal” habit but causes stomach cancer

  Stomach cancer is a type of cancer caused by damage from the lining of the stomach, which is still a common cancer in the world. Annually, according to the… Read more

How to make life more meaningful

Thinking positive, meditating, enjoying music or trying out different ways to relax are the tips to help you have a more meaningful life.Be positive with yourselfNothing is perfect in life.… Read more

You can never be rich only by working hard

 “If the only thing you do all your life is to work hard, you will never be rich.” This is a statement by a leading Wall Street expertAt school, we… Read more

Autism battle

Autism is a very difficult and complex illness when autistic children are very much affected by social problems later with self-sufficiency. Living with autism is very difficult. Autism is now… Read more
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