Causes of schizophrenia

You need to talk to someone to get help The causes of schizophrenia are beginning to be better understood. Schizophrenia has no known unique cause. Like many other psychic illnesses,… Read more


HOW DOES A CHILD IN AUTISM BEHAVE The child closes in his world. It’s a bit distorted, but so much that the little kid does not see the need to… Read more

Some things to remember when helping depressed person (part 2)

Sometimes they need someone they can rely on In part 1 of this article, we have discussed some issues that you need to keep in mind when going along with… Read more

X-rays with contrast medium for cancer diagnosis

  Intraperitoneal x-ray imaging is an imaging test to evaluate the anatomical structure of the upper gastrointestinal tract. The esophagus, stomach and duodenum (the head of the intestine) will be… Read more

I have been through a variety of diets, from salty, vegetarian, semi-half-vegetarian to no meat at all, macrobiotic, sesame brown rice or fasting. To know that, what-to-eat may not be… Read more

[Recipes]: Lotus root and oats porridge

I met her at a macrobiotic store to buy food for her grandfather. Only know to be cling, to be advised … want what is best for grandfather. But for… Read more

What is macrobiotic? – The first concept

What is macrobiotic? For this question, I would like to explain to my understanding to apply in daily life in the shortest way. You can learn more about macrobiotic on… Read more
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