Signs of autism disorder (part 1)

Some of the common in children Autism Disorder is also known as diffuse development disorder, is one of the most serious disorders that weakens bodily functions and hinders life. In the first… Read more


Autism is part of a group of symptoms called withdrawal, which is to be understood as avoiding contact with the outside world – with people and the environment. It is… Read more

Hypnosis and mysteries in the subconscious world (Part 2)

Whether or not hypnosis can control another’s actions? will discover the secrets of hypnosis in this article today. Hypnosis can also make a person forget some memory Memory and… Read more

Autism: a promising treatment

Autism: a promising treatment In the often polemical context surrounding the management of autism, French researchers presented the results of a promising clinical trial to reduce the severity of cognitive… Read more

Mineral Make Up (MMU) – Please try once in a lifetime

In this forum I look forward to receiving feedback comments, your review of the types MMU so I can synthesize and summarize for the sisters have not used or is… Read more

10 parents’ mistakes in teaching children (Part 2)

Teaching your children is a common goal for all parents. But not everyone achieves the goal, due to mistakes in the process of raising children. Following the article, “10 parents’… Read more
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