Knockin’s on the heaven’s door (1997): A black comedy movies

The most impressive point in Knockin’s on the heaven’s door is that the film does not teach meaningful life subjects like many films written on the topic of death, even though the film was produced nearly 20 years ago.

Two boys who are about to ascend to the sky because of terminal cancer meet, get together and decide to fulfill a small wish to see the sea before they die, that’s all.

And the black comedy of the Europeans gives the way to two people who carelessly mess with their lives to find joy in the last days of their lives. The journey of accidentally stealing the car, and in that car, there was a suitcase of money to escape from the gangsters like kings on the way to the sea made the film escape from the philosophy of heavy death. phase enjoy life.

A way to enjoy tomorrow – will disappear into nothingness in the blink of an eye of life without dogma, without mourning, but sharing with viewers simple thoughts in a particularly successful way.

The image of the back collapsed in front of the undulating waves is enough for viewers to capture the beauty of life – the threshold of heaven. A disproportionate beauty when there is no need to regret still creates a little anxiety in the heart.

Using regret (about life, about love, about parting) to create nostalgia is not difficult, it is more difficult to ignore regret and still make people miss, in a little admiration. needlessly mixed. That is the beauty that Knockin’s on the heaven’s door has painted – decisively, proudly, freely draining the worries of life.

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