Humanity in places like Monga

Monga in Chinese is the oldest town in Taipei, the place where most of the identity of an old Taipei is gathered, as well as where there are remnants of the past. On that land is the birthplace of the site, so the business area is busy. Therefore, it is a place where the sand party forces just let the other rule make their own territories. And the film is built from those historical data, to create the footage of the youth of the Gypsy people.

Gang Ho is what is now often jokingly referred to as an element of pompous comedy that leans more towards swordplay than the meaning these two words describe. The Gypsy of the past is different, it is a brutally real, and creepy element. People in the Gypsy-with the old days so it is not a joke of the kids blowing their noses not clean today. In the past, when society still had a strict distinction of origin, once the identity was tinged with the gypsy, it would not be easy to quietly forget about it. And in the past to this day, if it is a real Gypsy, we all know that once we fall into it, it will be difficult to withdraw. Therefore, gypsies are often associated with fate, with the detractors of the world’s state of affairs, and with the tragedies of those who have freely ventured into the land shackled by the law of Gypsy.

The movie Monga 2010 is built on that fate, the gypsy destiny that is closely tied to the lives of young men who chose to walk on an unsettled path in the 80s of the last century. Because that road is dyed by the blood of the Gypsies, tinged with competition and hatred, in the most insidious plots and tricks.

Will the past with brotherhood or friendship break into the underworld of power that closely envelops lost souls?
Okay…, in a world where fights create relationships, it’s the same battles that end those relationships – in the most violent, most defiant way – by those who know each other best, by the people who trust each other the most? It is because of these contrasts that create cinematic character that many directors have chosen to depict the unjust atmosphere of the gypsy to draw the beauty of the word love in the midst of the space of calculations and hatred. The beautiful beauty often flies up in those spaces, they sublimate to melt into the hearts of the audience also because of the bitter, heart-wrenching imprints of what must come, will always come, the right moment to form so the inevitable tragedy to end the scribbled beauty began…

Monga 2010 begins with the aimless friendship between 5 young men with slow footage of the interactions. But the progress and ending of Monga would like to be left to those who are interested in exploring the souls of those – those in the wanderlust. I just know that Monga is not a movie that brings sadness to myself, because Monga brings more than sadness as a belief – in friendship, in humanity, in cause and effect, and in the made-up past. by the matches so that fate can be matched, even though that fate is fierce and brutal because of the matches that are cared for by director Niu Huu Trach with beautiful images and modern cinematic techniques, by the Trieu Huu Dinh’s honest feelings (Mosquito) or Nguyen Kinh Thien’s (Teacher Chua’s) hard-working acting in a role is a bit over the top. The fast-paced scenes at the end seem to make up for the even space with the director’s accents at the beginning, so that the thumping ending sends the audience into the shockwaves that rush through the emotions of the character. object, and then stopped to smile at the genuine emotion that broke into pieces and fell into the heart that still had many problems. Those people ended up trusting each other so that the cherry blossom petals would appear more realistic and dreamy than ever. All create a bitter aftertaste like a sip of strong wine and then absorb the favorable sweetness as they gradually blend with the water to melt into the heart.

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