Hangover 1- Remnants of welcome

This movie certainly isn’t heart-wrenchingly sweet, but it’s fun enough that it still deserves to be added to my playlist, probably because it has a sweet aftertaste of joy.

The story of the film tells about the foolish game of the boys to say goodbye to the single life. The content of the story is not much interesting, the above sentence is enough for the audience to imagine the debauchery of the boys when they say goodbye to their male life, but interesting in the way of telling the joke, how to tell the consequences. “The tragedy of loneliness” for the four young men to find out how they played and led to a strange situation, unable to understand where they went. The aftermath of that party was ruined like this: after the night of the party, the VIP hotel room contained a crying baby and a growling tigress, the future groom disappeared, leaving only one brother left. A dentist with a broken tooth, a stupid guy and a pompous guy with a police car. It was from there that they began their journey to find the missing groom and track down every clue in that “cruel” night, and then lead to countless charming funny situations according to the law of “cause and effect”. They have to pay the price for the act of playing in the night forgetting heaven and earth like that, suffering the “consequences” because of the “consequences” they have caused.

The American filmmakers’ creative plot and witty jokes brought a valuable witty atmosphere that made the audience laugh. Humorous episodes are built on random elements, cleverly combined and brave enough to create moderate, graceful and unexpected laughter. The design of coincidental forks before letting the audience and the three characters trace the path they took the night before is the core of the humor, layer by layer the coincidence is extracted and eliminated. except for the macro elements to return to the simplest plot possible – a comically simplified plot, no class, no attempt to put on dogmatic lessons. That’s what makes Hangover subtle humor, the audience’s smiles are turned on by the director’s intelligent wit and “play” without needing to exploit the humorous elements from sex and teasing dialogue. The film has proven that the charm of humor is built on intelligence rather than depiction of delicate issues exploited in dozens of films today.

The story of three friends who play together to overcome the consequences to “rescue” the other friend proves the difficult saying that you are “gentle”. The three of them are not close friends, just passersby friends who play together, but through that game they overcome adversity together, creating the sweetness of improvisation, when everyone a sweet story after the tumult of a proud youth – a lot of trouble but also a lot of joy. Hangover is a film that makes fun of the old age of youth, because it can be said that joy never comes from seriousness. Describe that aging so that the film leads to the journey of finding joy and confidence of each person in life. Confidence creates joy, and joy, conversely, creates confidence. These two things work together to create the openness of youth, which every person must have a farewell to then will nostalgic. As my initial comment to Hangover is that a movie is good not because of the plot but because of the clever-narrative, so is youth, what matters is how you write your youth. more than a calculation to try to quantify it. Hangover blows youthful optimism into each film, which brings sweetness when people live with optimism.

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