Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011): The story of the fluffy boys

Today I would like to move on to talk about some American movies in the street for a little fun blog, so that someone can read it and have a little fun, it’s been gloomy and sad for a long time. Like its name Love is both stupid and crazy, the movie is really…crazy, yet crazy gracefully full of surprises that make me laugh like…crazy while watching, praising it as crazy and sassy.

An old man who was cuckolded by his wife went to the bar to lament his poor fate, so he was scolded by a playboy and shared by “tweaking” his beauty to go to a girl for his wife to play. I like the interaction between these two guys so much, when he is old he looks cute to the end, Steve Carell plays comedy in tragic circumstances very smoothly, his eyes are surprised and droopy, he really doesn’t see him. 50 years old. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling plays the role of Jacob playboy very cleverly, the father is clever, cheeky and confident, so he naturally covers the frame every time he appears. The old man was stirred by the young boy to break the age gap to form a pair of cards specializing in cutting girls. I can’t count how many Miss Jacob can win because I can’t, but old Cal can beat 9 children, noting that one of them is a high school teacher. The silly look of a sincere and gentle man when he “became a star” makes viewers unable to hate, it is indeed thanks to the charm of the actor. In this main couple, I really like the scene where the two brothers cuddle, precisely patting each other’s cheeks, the feeling of patting back and forth is very witty, as for the witty reason, I will not reveal the reason, the spoiler will be out of surprise. This movie makes money in this funny interaction, very funny, oh my god.

The film deals with overlapping relationships, built with a sexy pragmatic American style but not too vulgar, all just right for the dollar of a comedy as main, emotion as secondary. The story samples of the characters are properly cared for, there are very few superfluous comedy episodes that go back and forth, all are reciprocal, chaotic, hilarious and somewhat self-deprecating. However, the ending of the film is quite cheesy and generally not as oppressive as the beginning of it, so it’s a bit of a pity. The film wrapped up the mess that I arranged in the right way of the story inside the house on the street, so it was still just an indoor comedy on the street. The impressive thing about the film is that everything can be tied, messy but unified, chaotic but suitable for American comedy. The way movies “set up” use this trick reminds me of my favorite Hong Kong movies, super fussy yet cute, laughing so hard with clever details. What is the reason for the playboy to submit to the old man? Why did the old man close himself in front of the boy? The funny situations when the character is incompetent is the audience’s right to laugh at the belly.

Crazy, Stupid, Love can be called a story of boys, fluffy and serious bumping into each other and understanding each other better and becoming friends. I do not appreciate, nor do I think the film can be appreciated. But I like the movie, a market comedy built for the purpose of comedy, but with a charming “cheating” comedy. Reviews of movies like this really don’t know what to say without telling stories, just complimenting the American’s willingness to play when making comedies, neither profound nor hidden, but can still tickle the audience before how handle very well to create effects – the strongest array of American films when understanding the tastes of the audience. This film is also the highest-grossing film that Ryan Gosling has been in, higher than Notebook, showing that American tastes are still leaning towards light comedy. Watch the movie just to see how fun and liberating creativity can be. Movies in the street should only be written for fun, not rate.

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