“Broken Flowers” (2005): the contemplation reflected in the eyes of age

Broken Flowers is a film about fading – the most brilliant things have passed through time and then when they find them again, people suddenly feel heartbroken. Don Johnston was an old-boy, a man of a wandering soul. With Don’s age, maybe someone else has a grandchild to call him grandpa, but Don is still in love and immersed in patchwork love affairs, so his girlfriend finally chose to leave. to find a place to rest with another love and with motherhood. Don is a symbolic image of Don Juan in his old age, a pompous man who also wears a lot of flowers. Don’s life is now quiet with classic movies and a peaceful middle-class environment. But too peaceful becomes lonely, too isolated and far away from the hustle and bustle of life.

And to stir up the puddle of Don’s life, skilled old director Jim Jarmusch let a lump of life debt from a pink letter splash into the waves. Please note that it is only a wave of waves, so that Don is lured by neighbor Winston, who works as a detective next to the house, to go around looking for the whereabouts of the child and to find the mother of the child, because of the letter. leaving no trace to be able to identify anything, so a detective is needed here to free up technical work. Only determined by a period of time with the data of a 19-year-old son, it is possible to list up to 5 women who have passed through Don’s life, which shows how uncertain Don’s life is, when everything goes by. passing quickly and dreary, gradually entering the orbit of separation.

It’s quick, so it also fades quickly, and on the windy roads fluttering withered petals, will Don find anything, will there be warmth, will there be hesitation and embarrassment when ex-lovers meet together – when both have separate lives? Or will there be aloofness, anger at the past strings that were thought to have been buried deep in the heart? What emotions will await Don on the way back to the past, which emotions are still alive and which emotions have fallen into oblivion…?

Country music (There is an end, I want you…) is used at the right time, combined with a calm shooting style and many experiences that resonate with Bill Murray’s acting and acting in very soulless scenes. Created unforgettable beautiful moments.

The film is beautiful in the contemplation reflected in the eyes of the age that has saved many emotions, and the beautiful film in the pastel pink color of the flower bouquets reminiscent of the passion of the past. The roads Don went through painted a road-movie that left the love of the past turned into faded ingots – like the sun in a shady afternoon, like the blurred afterimage petals sending back distant memories. stop.

Whether Don has a real child, and whether Don is looking for something on the roads to the past are question marks for the audience to see and feel. What can you find? And what if you can’t find anything? Just know that Broken Flowers has a fitting and memorable ending to create emotional gaps, but also enough bravery to create windows in the heart to fill the gaps that wind blows through. Broken Flowers has the beauty of fading, but will never be forgotten, because fading beauty is a beauty that hides in silence for people to long for longing…

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