Signs of adult autism: What is the life of an adult autistic? (Part2)

After disappointment came the will to fight. Charles’s parents decided to diagnose the son further. Charles underwent specialist research. It turned out that he hears perfectly, genetic tests did not… Read more

How to measure your level of fear

How to measure your level of fear Each of us in life is confronted with different types of emotions ranging from sadness, fear, anxiety and memory. But how to quantify… Read more

Vitamins are a cell-forming factor in macrobiotic methods

A person who regularly eats without blood supplements. Sooner or later they will have anemia and low blood pressure. There are people who eat blood supplements but still have anemia,… Read more

The secrets to a happier life

There is a saying: “In human life, eight or nine among 10 things can make one not satisfied”. That is life. In everyday’s life, a lot of things happen that… Read more

Psychological crisis can easily cause physical danger

According to Purdur University’s study, psychological crisis and anxiety can lead to one’s premature death, at least because these people tend to stick to harmful behaviors. Psychological crisis is a… Read more

Detect depression with a blood test?

Poor mood is nothing unusual in puberty. Teenagers often have mood swings and feel depressed. Distinguishing between discomfort and depression is therefore difficult for medical professionals. A new blood test… Read more
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