Vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of autism (part 2)

In any case, what is the maximum dose that can be safely consumed? It is high. Robert Cathcart, specialist of vitamin C, proposes to retain the criterion of “intestinal tolerance”.… Read more

How to Identify The Resistant Hp Bacteria

    Hp antibiotic resistance after changes to fight the effects of antibiotics called resistance Hp bacteria. Hp bacteria can resist the effects of an antibiotic or a variety of… Read more

Skills that help you increase your opportunities

Your employment opportunities depend on your own skills. For a long time, people who are well-trained and have degrees, especially university degrees or higher degrees, haven’t have to worry much… Read more

The danger of stomach cancer…

  Stomach cancer is the most common cancer in Vietnam, second in males (after lung cancer) and fifth in females. Stomach cancer can be encountered at any age. Diseases in… Read more
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