Is it possible to beat BBS in the financial markets?

This is a question that is constantly on the mind of every individual investor (especially when it comes to losses!). You always hear people say that the stock market is… Read more

Crisis of adolescence

Through lifetime of a person, puberty is the age that is subject to the most difficult and complex changes, so one is most prone to crises compared to other age… Read more

Medical Treatments for Autism

Although there is currently no cure for autism or one effective treatment for ASD, a variety of therapies and interventions can alleviate symptoms and improve learning. Research7 demonstrates that pre-school… Read more

7 important lessons in life we ​​often overlook

The difficulties in life teach us many things. Here are 7 very important lessons but we often realize it too late. Opportunity only comes to you once. In order not… Read more

Excellent ways to deal with bad colleagues (Part 1)

Being smart with bad colleagues is an art. Did you know? In a corporate environment like the office, you will see the multitude of characteristics of your colleagues. Someone are… Read more

Depression during pregnancy

Psychological changes in pregnancy during pregnancy are a very normal state, and sometimes they are good signals that the mother’s hormonal changes are positive for pregnancy. But for about 10%… Read more

The secrets for a richer life

Having a lot of money one is not inevitably rich. The secrets below will help you to have a life with its true meaning.Learn, learn and learnKnowledge is the foundation… Read more
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