Stress: work pressure

He has a house in the big city, good children, stable wages, but this 45-year-old man has many times tried to commit suicide. Causes determined by the doctor is due… Read more

Experts warn of the risk of resistant Hp bacteria and new treatments

  Increased drug resistance Hp is the main cause of failure in the treatment of acute and chronic gastroenteropathy associated with Hp. This is an alarming situation in the context… Read more

[Recipes]: Mushrooms porridge with dills

To change the taste for the baby purpose to diversify dishes and more choices for lazy-eating babies Changes often help children absorb the flavors of food more diverse. More sensitive… Read more

Quarter life crisis and things you should know.

When you are a young adult and you have quarter-life crisis One third of those surveyed in the 20-30 age group are depressed, according to a recent study by a… Read more

Mind and spirit of macrobiotic eating

Before I started the vegetarian phase, I felt that I had a lot of energy in my body. So I like physical activities like playing basketball, cycling, practicing martial arts… Read more
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