We will getting be autistic if…addicted using FACEBOOK

If you are being tendency of addiction for using social networking such like Facbook, some information below will make you think again about this horrible thing. The latest research shows… Read more

Symptoms of HPV infection

Hp (Helicobacter pylori) infection is a major cause of gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach pain, gastritis, etc. Hepatitis can be transmitted from person to person, To the health and if… Read more

What children don’t like about their parents

There are some things that children do not like about their parents, such as getting angry and scolding them. These actions make children become alienated from parents. Let us find… Read more

The truth about stomach cancer: Gentlemans occupy a very high rate of infection.

Researchers have done research and show the protective effect of estrogen, a hormone typical of women, to gastritis, which can lead to stomach cancer. Some forms of cancer, such as… Read more

Tips to prevent stomach illness for children

Gastrointestinal health plays an especially important role for young children in the early stages of development. This is also the biggest worry of parents with children in general. The child’s… Read more
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