5 things to consider if you want to change jobs

Learn about the successful principles of Job-Changing artAre you facing a new career opportunity? Are you wondering whether you should go or stay? These following tips can definitely help you… Read more

New mothers: Postpartum depression is not something they’d expect

Postpartum depression affects about 10-20% of new mothers. Gradually, during the weeks following the birth of the child, the mother may experience a real depressive collapse. The latter, shaken by… Read more

Understand postpartum depression (part 2)

Part 2: Early recognition of postpartum depression The previous article presented the causes and consequences of postnatal depression, as well as those most susceptible to the disease. This article will… Read more

Autism early detection

How to identify early signs of autism in children. It has been speculated that the child born with autism is due to parental care. That is the wrong interpretation and… Read more
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