How to build your confidence

Confidence is a very important human factor. It sometimes determines the ability of your success. Someone said: lose wealth, we can get back; love lost, we can find new love;… Read more

Discovering Yourself for Career Orientation

For everybody, proper assessment of ability of itself is very important.  The right perception of yourself helps you to know your ability, to determine what you can and cannot do;… Read more

[Recipes]: Wakame seaweed green beans porridge

Wakame seaweed is a material that is no stranger to you. A rich source of minerals and calcium should always be included in the snack menu as well as the… Read more

My experience in cosmetic choices when shopping

This is an article celebrate International Women’s Day. wish you always healthy, beautiful and successful in life. This article is my share as well as a small little sisters donated… Read more

The experiences shared by the one who sufferd from depression (part 2)

Sometime people with depression require medical treatment Part 2: An Outpatient of the Psychiatric Hospital and the way to change his mind In part 1, I talked about my disease… Read more

8 symptoms of stomach cancer are usually ignored

Symptoms of stomach cancer are rare until the disease spreads to other organs. The survival rate of 5 years after stomach cancer is 90%. However, if the disease is late,… Read more
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