2 easiest ways to top-up the game of Legendary Warrior online

Topping-up the game Legendary Warrior is very simple but not all gamer players know. If you still don’t know how to top-up, please see the instructions of 1000bestgames below.

Gamer players often have to pay when recharging Legendary Warrior games

Loading a card for the legendary fighter game, when gamer players can own diamonds, for upgrading, fighting with extreme combat in the game. To load legendary fighters, usually players will use 2 ways to buy Garena cards or buy other phone cards such as viettel, mobifone, vinaphone, … This helps players to buy cards anywhere. including grocery stores.

In addition to the direct methods of buying paper cards, players can also buy cards through the SMS switchboard.

However, the recharge via intermediate carriers will not save gamer players any costs but have to spend intermediaries. Meanwhile, the cost is high, but the conversion rate to clams and diamonds in the legendary fighter game is low.

So what is the best charging method for gamer players, helping them to have a lot of Diamonds to open many inventory boxes and get many useful gift packages that only the Vip level has or have money to equip, upgrade more equipment state-of-the-art for my battle?

In the content below, I will show you how to load the legendary fighter card game on 2 pages, namely vienthong.com.vn and napthe24.vn. These two methods are online but very handy and useful.

How to top-up Legendary Warrior games

Instead of having to “carry your ass” to the store to buy to get tired, you can choose to pay for the legendary fighter online by recharging via the website naptien24h.vn, this website we prioritize you to load because there is only a discount. discount about 2%, quite cheap compared to the paper cards of phone carriers.

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The screen loaded the legendary fighter online game card
The screen loaded the legendary fighter online game card
Instructions for super fast loading of legendary clam fighters on naptien24h.vn:

Step 1: Go to the homepage: naptien24h.vn, choose to buy the game card above the Menu or you can go to the legendary fighter card loader on the homepage, select the game card type as GARENA COURSE

Step 2: Select the card code or choose to top up the coin depending on the type of account you want to use, then fill in the information to top up including the account and face value (in case you need to buy card code, please enter the email correct so that this site can email you the tag code). After that, you read all policies of provision, cancel service, refund service on this page and select PAY.

Step 3: Choose a payment method that suits you, then tap CONTINUE.

Step 4: Provide information to the intermediary naptien24h.vn to perform the transaction

Some notes when performing step 4:

If you choose a payment method for VnMart e-wallets, you only need to enter the password and login password of this e-wallet.

If you want to deposit by internet banking, please follow instructions on how to make an internet banking payment between your bank and VnPayment.

If you choose to deposit by international debit card, you need to fill in the exact details required.

Step 5: If you choose to load the legendary fighter diamond called VnMart, you will receive the OTP code sent to your phone in a moment. Please select the OTP and tap CONTINUE.

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Step 6: Recharge successfully, this is when you will receive a successful deposit notification from naptien24h.vn.

Step 7: Then you go to email to check the mail sent via (can be located in the main mailbox or spam mail) to get transaction information and card code that you have purchased.


How to recharge Diamonds for the game Legendary Fighter

Instead of having to buy a recharge card for a legendary fighter game at Garena dealers or grocery stores, you can use the game top-up method on the website Vienthong.com.vn. With this way of recharging, gamers can save more money. Currently, this website is taking a 5% discount on the face value of the loaded card. Cheaper than other phone cards.


Through the article we have introduced to you how to top up the legendary fighter game. Hope this article will be really useful as well as help you experience this game better.


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