Hot event of this weekend: Re-Forming"Forever Autumn" by Lake Of Tears: Nostalgia of the fall from the winter days...Meritocracy and multi-dimensional perspectives

Hot event of this weekend: Re-Forming

We would like to invite you to a very special party – a date party with bold Southeast Asian characteristics, from appetizers to main courses including fascinating behind-the-scenes stories shared by Kay. Nguyen and Phan Gia Hung – two Vietnamese filmmakers. We've reserved a seat for you, and you're sure to have an evening you'll never forget. This program will be recorded and broadcast by the media and creative channel

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"Forever Autumn" by Lake Of Tears: Nostalgia of the fall from the winter days...

At the beginning of the autumn album, it was a sad cello sound, slow and tormenting. Following it is the keyboard's sound. Is the beautiful autumn rain beautiful? Nice, but sad. Not because of that, in the past, the talented composer Dang The Phong used to have a sentence for many years, did this couple stop crying because of the fall?

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Meritocracy and multi-dimensional perspectives

It wasn't until about the 20th century that meritocracy began to take hold in the West and was first defined in 1958. The reason is very simple: the general education system, which is applied to the entire society. Society only began to be built here at the end of the 18th century. Prior to that, knowledge was mainly circulated among the elites, or transmitted fragmentedly through the churches of individual parishes. But with enormous resources devoted to education and soft power, today we hear of "capitalism" as a very "Western" concept.

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