Treatment for stomach cancer: What do patients need after surgery?

The care and treatment of stomach cancer immediately after surgery is something that relatives of patients need to know in order to help patients recover quickly and ensure that no… Read more

It has been found that killing the dangerous bacteria resistant HP

  Have you ever wondered why there are some people with gastric disease with Hp bacteria who have cured with only one treatment, some have treated several times and have… Read more

The Gastroscopy procedure

Stomachoscopy procedure and things to prepare. Gastroscopy is the only way to determine the most accurate diagnosis of gastric ulcer. It will help to know the condition of the stomach… Read more

My HP infection treatment experience

  I have gastritis for about 10 years, sometimes ulcers, sometimes ulcer treatment, but later re-emerged, while also doing the management in the canteen of a university in Hanoi. If… Read more

Could papaya leaves treat stomach cancer?

Could papaya leaves treat stomach cancer? There is much information about papaya leaves cured of stomach cancer that is spreading widely on internet mass media. Find out how this story… Read more

How to Identify The Resistant Hp Bacteria

    Hp antibiotic resistance after changes to fight the effects of antibiotics called resistance Hp bacteria. Hp bacteria can resist the effects of an antibiotic or a variety of… Read more

Experts warn of the risk of resistant Hp bacteria and new treatments

  Increased drug resistance Hp is the main cause of failure in the treatment of acute and chronic gastroenteropathy associated with Hp. This is an alarming situation in the context… Read more

Breath test for the treatment of stomach cancer

  Stomach cancer is a common disease in Vietnam, according to cancer suspects in Hanoi, stomach cancer is the second leading cause of cancer. The disease can develop in any… Read more

Some notes when testing Hp bacteria by UBT breath test

Many patients feel anxious when it comes to testing for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori or Hp), a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, stomach cancer. For many patients, screening… Read more

The principle of treatment for stomach cancer

The general principle of cancer surgery is to remove the large area to avoid missing potential cancer cells in other areas around the existing disease. For stomach cancer, specific guidelines… Read more
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