It has been found that killing the dangerous bacteria resistant HP

  Have you ever wondered why there are some people with gastric disease with Hp bacteria who have cured with only one treatment, some have treated several times and have… Read more

How to Identify The Resistant Hp Bacteria

    Hp antibiotic resistance after changes to fight the effects of antibiotics called resistance Hp bacteria. Hp bacteria can resist the effects of an antibiotic or a variety of… Read more

Could The Antibody OvalgenHP Destroy the HP bacteria?

  This is a question that many people are concerned about in preventing stomach cancer. OvalgenHP antibody is the only antibody that currently has the specific effect of inhibiting urease,… Read more

Experts warn of the risk of resistant Hp bacteria and new treatments

  Increased drug resistance Hp is the main cause of failure in the treatment of acute and chronic gastroenteropathy associated with Hp. This is an alarming situation in the context… Read more

Tips to prevent stomach illness for children

Gastrointestinal health plays an especially important role for young children in the early stages of development. This is also the biggest worry of parents with children in general. The child’s… Read more

Change the lifestyle to prevent stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is a serious disease and it is ranked among the fifth most common cancer in Vietnam. Low living conditions and unhealthy eating are considered to be the main… Read more
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