The food is good for the stomach

  Stomach is an important part of the digestive system. The main function of the stomach is: Mechanical mechanics of food through contraction, permeation into the food and Decompose food… Read more

The “normal” habit but causes stomach cancer

  Stomach cancer is a type of cancer caused by damage from the lining of the stomach, which is still a common cancer in the world. Annually, according to the… Read more

My HP infection treatment experience

  I have gastritis for about 10 years, sometimes ulcers, sometimes ulcer treatment, but later re-emerged, while also doing the management in the canteen of a university in Hanoi. If… Read more

The truth about stomach cancer: Gentlemans occupy a very high rate of infection.

Researchers have done research and show the protective effect of estrogen, a hormone typical of women, to gastritis, which can lead to stomach cancer. Some forms of cancer, such as… Read more

Tips to prevent stomach illness for children

Gastrointestinal health plays an especially important role for young children in the early stages of development. This is also the biggest worry of parents with children in general. The child’s… Read more
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