[Recipes]: Millet porridge with pumpkin

Despite its small size, millet seeds have a high nutritional content: Contains 75% carbohydrates (starch) Contains 10% protein Contains 3% lipids. Contains amino acids released by lower fermentation in milk… Read more

[Recipes]: Oats and peas porridge

The Mother Earth is so wonderful and majestic that it has created countless plants with extremely natural uses. Naturally, the rules for people to live and survive on the basis… Read more

[Recipes]: Lotus root and oats porridge

I met her at a macrobiotic store to buy food for her grandfather. Only know to be cling, to be advised … want what is best for grandfather. But for… Read more

Herbal milk – experience from people who have done it wrong so many times

I have experienced from the process of making milk at home, so I am very limited, hope everyone contribute more to complete My motto is to use Vietnamese goods but… Read more

[Recipes]: Mushrooms porridge with dills

To change the taste for the baby purpose to diversify dishes and more choices for lazy-eating babies Changes often help children absorb the flavors of food more diverse. More sensitive… Read more

[Recipes]: Kombu porridge with turmeric

Everyone is extremely busy to start the first day of the week how to be effective. Going to the market to buy anything to eat, all your husbands thought it was easy… Read more

Chickpeas & Pumpkin porridge recipes

This porridge is an elegant, gentle, sweet-smelling color of the young pumpkin cooked with its skin. Nut porridge that served with figs soaked in vinegar or radish soaked tamari. Mushroom… Read more

“Seven taste tea” – Good drink after breakfast

Uses and the effects of seven taste tea Uses: tonic, blood tonic, detoxification, suitable for all subjects, especially helping pregnant mothers adjust the changes of the body to reduce the phenomenon of… Read more

Recipes: Porridge of Glutinous rice, lotus seed and Japanese brown rice

Nutrients are a food material for processing dishes very diverse and rich. We are observant and actively combine each type of seed together. Will produce a dish of extremely delicious… Read more

[Recipes]: Wakame seaweed green beans porridge

Wakame seaweed is a material that is no stranger to you. A rich source of minerals and calcium should always be included in the snack menu as well as the… Read more
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